Modern Express News (Reporter Zhang Yu / Wen Xiu reporter Liu Chang / photo) We have a live broadcast of this year's double eleven 36 hours, during which the anchor is only 3 seconds for a dress, so that the buyer can see more in a short time. Style. 90 after the anchor, the small koala said, from

Modern Express News (Reporter Ji Yu Lu Jie) Many people have begun to look forward to the shopping boom of the Double Eleven. Recently, the reporter found that many elderly people participated in the boom of buying, buying and buying this year, and the level of enthusiasm is not lower than that of young people. This phenomenon has also caused many families with old children’s headaches.

On November 7th, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province issued a policy of resettling key talents – “Measures for the purchase of commercial housing by talents in Nanjing in 2020 (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”), and will be officially implemented on January 1, 2020. This method opens a special document for the purchase of talents.

Recently, Ms. Li of Nanjing reported that she received a medical report from the unit in September this year. In the column of birth history, she wrote abortion 7 times and premature birth 24 times, which shocked her. What makes Ms. Li feel embarrassed is that after she took the medical report home, her husband was always skeptical of her.

Everyone has a heart for beauty. At present, many female citizens spend huge sums of money to buy diet pills for their slim body, and even privately purchase foreign diet pills. The online purchasing of diet pills has a lot of dazzling names, and some people are deceived in the process of buying medicines. Li Li (a pseudonym) is the one who was deceived, she

Modern Express News The loving couple finally flew to the Yanyan. After the divorce, the house was given to the ex-wife, but it has not been transferred. When the ex-wife thinks about the transfer, the house is sold by her ex-husband, can the ex-wife still come back? The couple did not receive the certificate, but gave birth to the daughter. Now the woman wants to break up and fight for her...

Modern Express News (Reporter Chen Yanlin) The Double Eleven is coming, I believe that the logistics industry will face enormous pressures on packaging, transportation and distribution. Modern Express reporter recently learned that the 25-year-old Nanjing girl Tao Yujia has developed a mechanical gripper called a soft robotic hand that can help

Modern Express News (correspondent Xu Yunhan, reporter Ge Xiaolin) Recently, a man took a train after drinking, not only swearing in the car, but also personally attacking others, urinating in the compartment, and being detained by the Nanjing Railway Police for five days. Punishment. △Meng, who is looking for trouble on the train, accepts police investigation

Modern Express News (Reporter Zhang Ran Xu Mengyun / Wen Niuhua New / Photo) Recently, Nanjing has a new business card - the capital of world literature, which shows the cultural heritage of the city. In Nanjing, the articles written by college students during the Republic of China were amazing. What are their graduation thesis studies? 11

Modern Express News (trainee reporter Lu Heyan Wen / photo) Autumn wind bleak season, eat a hot hot sugar fried chestnuts, soft and soft, really delicious and happy! However, in recent days, there have been sayings that chestnut waxing, chestnut, and saccharin have been added. Is there a paraffin chestnut in the Nanjing market? We should

Modern Express News (correspondent Ning Jiaoxuan reporter Wang Rui) In order to increase the intensity of traffic violations for pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, and reduce traffic accidents, from July 1 this year, Nanjing Traffic Management Department successively opened 35 locations in the main city. Location-enabled non-motorized (pedestrian) traffic violations

When it comes to police dogs, many people first think of a mighty and strong image, but these two police dogs are different. They are the new dog breed introduced by the Nanjing police, called Jack Russell. They will definitely subvert your traditional impression of police dogs. [Smell sensibility and physical fitness is super strong, less than half of the normal police dog] Mini, small, super

In order to further develop quality education and create a better environment for educating people, in accordance with the arrangements for the deployment of superiors, from October to November 2019, the city will carry out special supervision activities for the special rectification of schools for compulsory education schools, with emphasis on the implementation of compulsory education...

Come, let's do scum together …… Today, a text message called Nanjing parents who have been crazy, in a lot of friends in the circle of friends in Nanjing, also triggered a hot discussion. In the text, the author describes the reduction of politics that Nanjing is advancing

Nanjing sea fishing in a shop, a woman suspected of being a waiter to pour is not timely, smashing the mug and shouted, but also pour 10 cups of water, called the 10 waiter all drink. The store duty manager responded later. The incident didn't cause much

According to the Yangtze Evening News purple cow newspaper reported in December 17th December 12th, snow solar term of fifth days, cloudy, 10 o'clock in the morning, the water temperature of 9 degrees, two Nanjing mackerel back old eyebrows hair is gray,

The 70 year old Matsuoka, came to Nanjing nearly 100 times, visited about 250 Japanese soldiers, led about 700 Japanese people to visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall … … she used his hands to collect information of Japanese textbooks ig

The Modern Express News (correspondent Jiang Gongxuan intern reporter Wang Qi Tao Weizhou) received a strange phone call, said the child was kidnapped, this is the traditional routine communication network fraud. But recently the Anhui old couple suffered

Overseas network, December 13, 80 years ago, the Japanese invaded the Japanese army to Nanjing City, 6 weeks of brutal, killing the innocent lives of about 300000 people. The Nanjing massacre at home and abroad, until today, has been a long time for peopl

Modern Express News (reporter Wang Yingfei) in December 13th, a heartache cartoon, spread quickly in the network. Micro-blog have been forwarded to the circle of friends is it shuabing. From 1937 to 2017, two little girls across time and space are talking

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