The new missile frigate Huaian ship into the column. China Navy network in Zhoushan on 11 August, (Wu Shangrui, Chen Zhongchi) 10 morning, new missile frigate Huaian ship into the column named flag presentation ceremony in Zhejiang, a military port in Zho

Radar, whirling rumble of guns, the vast Huang Haibo a lumpy. The detachment in what we lack, what the weak strong what principle, combined with the actual training ship, early arrangements targeted and practical training courses, strengthen naval command

At 11:20 in the morning of July 27th, China Southern Airlines regiment received the good news came from the Sanya city hospital in Sanya City: ximaozhou island resident Su Aiyin gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child. 7:40, to help Xu Donghu and Yizhu

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