At present, 002 aircraft carrier, Dalian has been working on finalizing the outfitting: radar module 4 shields have been installed, only need to install a radar shield protection cover. Cockpit and flight control room window glass is installed. Landing li

The day before, is outfitting Dalian shipyard in the domestic carrier Shandong, has installed an active phased array radar equipment finally, arguably outfitting work is nearing completion, the next step is to proceed to sea tests, followed by an early de

The film tells the story of the "Youth" in 70s what army art troupe of the last century, in particular to a province of the Southwest Military Art troupe. Feng Xiaogang and screenwriter director Yan Geling has art work experience, and are in the 70s. Duri

Author: Kursk rainbow photo in December 24, 2017, the East China Sea Fleet released WeChat public numbers released "the East China Sea camp ten pandemic freshly baked, come onlookers" article, the breakdown of the East China Sea camp nine buzzwords, while

The author, Li Yanzheng knew (WeChat ID:upolitics) remember, more than three months ago, Ding Laihang took office at the beginning of the first face to the identity of the media when the air force commander said: as a strategic air force construction pers

The author, Li Yanzheng knew (WeChat ID:upolitics) remember, more than three months ago, Ding Laihang took office at the beginning of the first face to the identity of the media when the air force commander said: as a strategic air force construction pers

2017 is a very important year for the British navy. During the year, the queen Elizabeth was in service, the 26 frigate was opened, and third tide grade supply ships had opened the return voyage. And in the latest December 2017 21 - ZAKER, personalized re

According to WeChat intelligence Chang'an Avenue (ID:capitalnews), in December 20th, Liu Lunxian, a deputy military commander and former deputy commander of the Ji'nan military area command, was invalid because of invalid treatment. He died in December 4t

[reports] to observe the net of the person a few days ago by the Boeing company released a viral marketing, covered with a black aircraft photos, and claimed that the aircraft will be able to change the future of the air force. In December 19th, Boeing re

As is known to all, the aircraft carrier is an embodiment of the absolute military strength for a country. Nowadays, apart from the well-known American aircraft carrier, our aircraft carriers are also close to each other, especially in recent years, and t

The British Royal Navy queen Elizabeth overseas network on 19 December, 18 local time, the British Royal Navy aircraft carrier queen Elizabeth, the occurrence of major accidents, caused by seawater intrusion, was forced to return to the wrath of the Briti

Original title: Russia expelled US military batteries in Crimea: May you come try warships!! In September 2014, during the Crimea crisis, the US and European countries sent naval forces to the Black Sea to defend their regional ally Ukraine. The US Navy d

In the face of increasingly serious marine security situation and the increasingly fierce sea rights struggle, China must build a powerful navy to safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, maintain strategic channels and overseas s

According to the Chinese military network December 17th news, today, December 17th, is the Northern Navy Army official 129th anniversary anniversary. The development of the Northern Navy each of us are not unfamiliar, from 1888 to the Sino Japanese war in

China has made the world's fastest unmanned yacht, which was learned by reporters at the Fifth China Ocean Economic Expo, which was opened in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, 14. The unmanned speedboat Tianxing No.1 was released in September 2017. The highest speed

He told the Australian Navy commander visiting Australian army said, since this year in a series of moves and the overall trend of peace and stability in the South China Sea does not conform to draw further apart, the consensus reached by the leaders, als

The author | Zhuang Liren these two days, a seemingly boring industry news, caused the government to know (WeChat ID:upolitics) are of great interest. In December 9th, in Colombo, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Wickremesinghe in a ceremony to mark the time bac

Data and pictures: the reference news network of the domestic aircraft in the setting sun reported that in December 13th, Hongkong's South China Morning Post website published Chen Minli's "two different aircraft carriers" differently in December 12th. It

In World War II, when it came to the Italy army, all of them were banter with the German pig teammate or the jokes. But the shipbuilding industry of the Italy navy was very good in the year, and built many excellent ships for Italy. The Rome battleship na

Time and again the second Indian navy nuclear submarine made Ali Hart (Arighat), recently in the eastern part of the country of the Visakhapatnam shipyard low-key launch, had repeatedly heard the second of the country's nuclear submarine made about to ser

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