Growing up, help Kay summed up a law of his own: power = interest + pressure, two can not be less

Introduction to machine learning has penetrated into all areas of human activity, it is not only in speech recognition, gesture recognition, handwriting recognition and plays a key role in image recognition,

Guardian network security, build a healthy and harmonious network security environment Tencent Vice President Xie Xie in the 2016 Internet criminal law forum opening speech respect you

Who can point out the future for the industry and the enterprise in the transition of the new power and the old one in the security world?

The seventh national network security competition (XDCTF2016) and the fifth session of the Shaanxi provincial network security skills contest organizers: Xi'an Electronic and Science University contractors

According to a website reported recently, the author of the network security market prospects for the development of the outlook, the article believes that CISCO will be in the next three to five years to become the market's true

Click on the top of the blue font attention. You can also search the public number "D1net" choose to pay attention to all fields of D1net (cloud computing, data centers, large numbers

Since October 2015, "China's top 50 network security enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as the "50 strong") for the first time since the release, the safety of cattle has been in the planning

July 11th, China and the United Nations jointly organized the International Symposium on network security in Beijing.

With the rapid rise of cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and other emerging technologies, the environment of information security is more complex, the Internet security threats and corporate information security challenges are increasingly promin

Yesterday, the China Internet Association issued the "2016 China Internet users' rights and interests protection survey report". Report shows that from the second half of 2015 to the first half of this year

When you need to make a big decision, especially when it comes to customers and prisons, be sure to understand the real situation and then make a big move; when you think you've seen everything, please think twice.

Organized by the world media group "2016 China network security summit -- a new" ecological security in the digital era, the 2016 annual network security summit held in Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel cool! IT circle of friends hand in hand, the big dip

2015 Internet Emergency Center to obtain the number of mobile Internet malicious programs nearly 1 million 480 thousand, an increase of 55.3% over 2014, the number of malicious programs for three consecutive years of substantial growth. The report shows t

According to the latest data from the China Internet association and the national Internet Emergency Center, the number of active mobile phone users in China has reached 780 million, but the mobile Internet is infected

Traceable data in Fetish forum stolen (5.12) Keywords: tracking data theft fetishist websites according to foreign media reports, a well-known network security research

Millions of voters in Mexico have been leaked information (4.25) key words: Mexico voter data breaches, according to foreign media reports, an American security researcher

On the morning of 19 April 2016, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, President, chairman of the Central Military Commission, centralized network and information security leading group leader Xi Jinping in Beijing chaired a network and informat

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