Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am scared younger brother! Not long ago, the Radio and Television Bureau announced a new batch of game version numbers. This time, the list of trials is no longer only a domestically produced mobile game. The monster hunters: the world and the new super Mario brothers U have appeared. ! In the summer of 2018, "blame

Nintendo NES has a history of 34 years, and since its inception, it has become a childhood game memory for generations. Daniel Jansson, a designer from Sweden, is one of them. He has a bold idea to create a similar NES control.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Tencent is trying to expand the European and American console games market. They hope to use Nintendo's role to create console games and learn the essentials of developing console games from Nintendo developers. However, the article stated that Tencent is launching a Nintendo IP-related tour in China.

After successfully establishing a partnership with Nintendo, Tencent intends to expand its game business to the European and American markets. According to the "Wall Street Journal" quoted insiders of Tencent, the company that has ranked first in the game company's revenue list for six consecutive years, hopes to learn from Nintendo and learn to make a host tour.

Last night, Nintendo officially held the live broadcast of "Nintendo Stars Big Sword Special Edition". Game producer Sakurai Shobo personally demonstrated the new DLC fighter Terry from "Hungry Wolf Legend". According to the video address, this update also includes the scene of "King of Fighters" and 50 SNK games.

Everyone, friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends during your break and off-hours. Let's take a look at the information in today's information circle. Diablo 4 》Barbarian latest test walking arsenal outside the media Game Inf

VG chat room has been logged in to the major FM platforms, this program link: Himalayan FM|Litchi|Listing|B Station|Netease Cloud Music|QQ Music|Song Video: Audio: "Death Stranded" PC version is released in the summer of 2020, "Ren King 2" simplified Chinese version 20

Following Nintendo's announcement that "Nintendo Stars Rogue Special Edition" has become the highest-selling series of works, this book has once again achieved a worldwide record: defeating "Street Fighter 2" has become the highest-selling fighting game ever. According to Nintendo's latest earnings report, "Nintendo Star Big Fighting Special Edition"

Nintendo recently announced its financial results for the first half of the 2019-2020 fiscal year and answered questions from investors at the earnings conference. Q: We know that the portable model Switch Lite has a domestic and foreign sales ratio of 2:8. It seems that overseas purchases are more than expected.

Radio and TV announced a new batch of imported online game version, the approval time is October 25, a total of 12 games, of which, Kapukong masterpiece "Monster Hunter: World", Nintendo's "New Super Mario Brothers U Deluxe Edition 》(issued by Tencent), Xishanju

According to Nintendo's third-quarter earnings report, the company sold 4.8 million Nintendo switches between July and September, a year-on-year increase of more than 50%. As of September 30, Switch’s total shipments were 4.14 million units, which means this

The sales of Switch consoles are still very strong. In the latest Nintendo earnings report, the company announced that it sold about 4.8 million switches in the three months from July to September, a 50% increase over the same period last year. Currently, Switch’s global cumulative sales have been

Many players have been worried about the cancellation of the National Illustrations by Bao Ke Meng Jian / Shield. Recently, in the interview, Masuda Satoshi once again talked about this issue, saying that this is the result of weighing resources and time, hoping to put more energy into the new gameplay. In a project, we must always consider

IT home October 29 news According to IT home users feedback, Nintendo Switch Bank of China Tmall official flagship store is now on the line. However, the store is still relatively simple, not yet fully renovated, and does not include any products including Nintendo Switch

It has been a month since the launch of Nintendo's new mobile game "Maliou Racing Tournament". The statistical agency Sensor Tower data shows that the cumulative download volume in the first month of the world has reached 124 million times, although it is not as good as "Pokémon GO". 163 million times

Nintendo and Pokemon announced that they will open the "Nintendo Official Store Tokyo Store" and "Bao Ke Meng Center Shibuya Store" at the PARCO Shibuya Shopping Center on November 22, 2019. At the same time, both stores will be based on each other. The characteristics of the store to launch a series of

Recently, the United States "Time" interviewed Nintendo's new president in 2018, Mr. Toshiyuki Furukawa, during which he talked about his own focus on giving team freedom, and should put entertainment in the first place. At the same time, I also talked about the profitability of the mobile terminal and Nintendo should not be like other at the present stage

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the Nintendo Co is delayed the delivery of 64GB Switch game cartridges to external game developers, the latest delivery date is 2019. The Wall Street journal pointed out that Nintendo plans to launch 64GB

IT home on December 25th news, I believe that many Switch fans are aware of a small egg, that is through specific gestures can enter the NES platform game "Golf", but according to the latest news updated Switch 4.0.0 - ZAKER, personalized recommendation h

9 months, 10 million, what do you think of this number? As a new generation of consoles Nintendo products, Nintendo Switch (hereinafter referred to as NS) can be regarded as a whole this year game circle is one of the most exciting products, and had multi

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