New Express News reporter He Shengting reported that while Guangzhou Metro Line 3 was crowded during the late rush hour, Xu, born in 1991, forcibly molested a girl Xiaoji (pseudonym) for 30 minutes, first touching the other's hip with his hand, and then using his body to push Squeezed to the side of the door to make it impossible to escape, and forced my hand into the skirt

After 90s, the man was so mad when riding the subway that he forcibly molested female passengers for 30 minutes. Recently, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court made a final judgment on this awful indecent incident, and the man Xu Mouyang was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison. Forcibly molested female passengers for half an hour at night

Recently, when Nanjing Ms. He was resting in the Khan steaming hall, she felt like she was touching herself, a man said that she was covering her. He did not care and continued to sleep. After 10 seconds, the man used an excuse to cover himself with a quilt. Ms. He woke up instantly, stopped the man who was about to escape, and called for help from the staff.

Recently, the Banqiao Police Station of Yuhuatai Branch of Nanjing City received a call from the manager of a steaming hall saying that a satyr was caught in the rest hall. Police arrived and arrested Hong who was suspected of molesting others. The weather is getting colder and colder, and many people choose to relax at the steaming hall to relieve their fatigue. At the steaming hall

On December 20, 2019, the Intermediate People's Court of Yiyang City, Hunan Province publicly pronounced on the first trial of the crimes in which 32 defendants, including Huang Liang and Luo Wenge, organized, led and participated in triad organizations. The defendant Huang Liang committed crimes of organization, leading underworld organization, rape, etc.

At 4 pm on December 16th, netizen internationaljie exposed a wretched man who was a wretched girl on a bus on Sina Weibo. What was unexpected was that once the snapshot was released, it attracted most netizens to conduct white male behavior. Accuse, even

The rule of law is clear. How can students be used as prey? Jingjing campus will not tolerate corrupt teachers! A report letter completely shattered Qian Fengsheng's mask! On December 6, Xiaowen (pseudonym), a female graduate student in the School of Accounting of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, publicly reported that Qian Fengsheng, a teacher in the school, was suspected of...

On November 30, the reporter learned from the Gannan County People's Court in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province that a man was sentenced to seven years and six months in the first instance for rape and molestation of two minors. Network information film, the irrelevant verdict shows that the defendant Wen Mouliang, male, 1977

In the Internet age, the speed of information transmission has exceeded our imagination. The acceleration of information speed is also a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it allows people to accept information faster, and on the other hand, it makes us receive less comprehensive information. Looking at network information, a lot of information eventually reversed. near

The Supreme People's Procuratorate issued a case to carry forward the spirit of the Constitution and implement the provisions of the Constitution. Source: Cover News Report of the Supreme Prosecution, on December 3, the 33rd Procuratorial Open Day was organized to promote the spirit of the Constitution and modernize the country's governance system and capacity.

@ safe Chaoyang official micro-blog released in November 25th: November 23rd, police work will be the behavior of Liu (female, 31 years old, Beijing people) arrested. The people of their own collective fabricate false information Laohutuan obscene childre

At half past eight on the morning of September 17th, Wang girl who lives in Guiyang Baiyun District, because take the black car, the driver was molested. Wang: "half past eight because the work was going to be late, I just hit a black car, on the train af

Recently, a woman in Chuzhou City People's square public toilet convenience, was color male lewd privates, women immediately call the police, his boyfriend on the spot to control the man. Police immediately brought the suspect back to the police station f

The morning of August 31st, Nanchang 5 bus scene in a red man dirty openly molesting 18 year old girl was frightened female passengers fainted fortunately emotional passengers to inform the driver of the parking and the police eventually suspect the man w

17, Guangxi, a district in Nanning, a woman in the elevator was a neighbor during the elevator door, the woman lewd, constantly break the man dragged back to the final indecent, woman with foot against the lift door, repeatedly struggling to get rid of co

The Modern Express News (reporter Tao Weizhou) the morning of August 29th, the Jiangsu provincial procuratorate official WeChat Jiangsu attorney online bulletin, Nanjing iron inspection institute according to law section of the suspect to the NanJing Sout

Violation of man's emergency records recently, a 22 year old man in Dalian micro-blog issued a document that in their learning process, was driving a male instructor raped and injured. Since then, some netizens pointed out that the men's sexual assault co

13 am, Guangxi, Liuzhou, a man lying asleep after drinking in the street bench. Another man Lee approached, see drunk good-looking, heart out, repeatedly rubbed their nakedness, and then steal mobile phone and 600 yuan of money, and finally take people ID

In August 12th, writer Chen Lan released a contribution by micro-blog users, said the NanJing South Railway Station waiting room, a girl was peer young man molested. Today (August 15th) morning, the Nanjing railway police said, after investigation, the De

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