It is reported that Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment incident on the Hollywood will be made into a movie. Someone has joked about it before, but I didn't expect it to be moved to the big screen so quickly. Broadcasting British Corporation BBC has orde

[/] observer network in under - recently, some netizens posting said Guangdong Zhaoqing, a large truck at slow speed, the roadside a man suddenly rushed out from the side of the road, lying in front of the car and quickly pretend to be knocked down, tryin

Hollywood may have been descended from a recent sexual scandal. One of the heroines is no one else. In November, it was exposed to Hollywood's famous movie star Duustin Hoffman, who was sexually harassed 32 years ago, the 17 year old woman writer. Coincid

An evaluation of the word "dream" to, really tears and hard to find. The father of coco in the film has gone away and is in the world of the dead waiting for the day to meet his relatives. But the rule in the world of the necromancer is that if nobody rem

How did a generation of movie legends collapse, about from the lower body?. I don't believe it. Look at Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein. Not a star but it has star the lifeblood of American big Pisces this 1952 born, in ZAKER, the personalized recommend

Figure Gecco manufacturers launched the works has always been known for high quality, they had to "dark soul" series of Games launched a variety of high-end toys, now they are robbed. This time it is Astoria Knight Oscar, don't look down the core game pla

The left as the Prime Minister of Malaysia Naguib's stepson Aziz Margulies a few years ago, "the wolf of Wall Street" is a production company Red Granite (red granite), Marlon Barndo for "on the waterfront" won the Oscar winner trophy to the small plum ZA

There's a woman born to be sexy. I'm sorry, but also to put eight younger sister sister photos. There is also a woman, by acting to find her sexy beauty. Today, the eight sister to say that the sister is not sexy, but she is famous for a popular porn film

If you want to predict the Oscar Award for the best film who falls, be sure to look at the money, it is likely to win the best film Oscar, unless the people of the United States did not want to be concerned about the

Old king hall swallows, flying into the homes of ordinary people. This is a kind of progress, another kind of progress, is difficult to ascend, once in good taste "network literature", become "China original literature", people is no longer the "network"

Eat melon people know, to prove that the acting method of thousands of millions, but the most likely stamp or award". But now the Internet is so developed, pheasant awards are not popular, will become

A few days ago saw a film called "born in brothels", the film is full of red light district of all kinds of depravity, darkness and helplessness. To be honest, it is very shocking to make such a film, but it is more difficult to say that this is a documen

December 16th, the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced the eighty-ninth Oscar best foreign language film list of the top nine, taboo love,

According to the Daily Mail reported on 12, recently, snake expert Eric Johnson in the American state of Texas (Eric Johnson) an Eastern indigo snake found in the wild (Eastern indigo snake). The snake found someone close to the plan - ZAKER, personalized

Oscar's fall show suspects, netizen: ". See comments!

To contribute millions of net royalties, the author give Jie unauthorized reprint! The 2016 annual The Game Awards (TGA) game festival will be held in Losangeles in December 1st. TGA game festival in 2014 debut, ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot

"And" Kubo gue production costs about $60 million this year, compared with the popular superhero movie "Deadpool", the cost of over $50 million.

Recently, the eighty-ninth Oscar best animated feature film entry list was officially announced, a total of 27 animation film entries in the world, a record number of entries in the history. The China this year long animation for "king return", although t

Domestic animation movie "journey to the west" in the return of the king at once touted the altar, known as the milepost of. Some time ago the "your name". "The super high box office performance that created it was nominated for Oscar. And the recent eigh

Today, Ai Fukuhara held a wedding! She held a press conference with the Taipei table tennis player Jiang Hongjie, Ai Fukuhara announced the news. Ai Fukuhara also officially became a Chinese wife. Liu Guoliang also sent a blessing, said: Congratulations A

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