Rondo has been tricked on January 4, Beijing time. Recently, a funny spoof video was circulated on Instagram. The well-known American comedian Gerald Huston met Rajon Rondo and deliberately put it Misunderstanding Chris-

Paul is in excellent form this season. On January 2, Beijing time, according to US media reports, the data showed that the Thunder's starting point guard Chris Paul is the most capable player in the NBA this season. Yesterday the Thunder reversed the Lone Ranger at home. Paul turned the tide at the crucial moment of the fourth quarter.

Still on that January 1, Beijing time, the Thunder beat the Lone Ranger 106-101 at home. Thunder starting point guard Chris Paul took over the game in the final quarter of the fourth quarter. He scored 7 of 15 field goals and scored 17 points (13 points in the fourth quarter).

U.S. President Trump (Image: OAN) Overseas Network December 30th. Local time Sunday (29th). U.S. President Trump tweeted a message urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to comment Spread about the participation of his son Paul Pelosi II in Ukraine

Today, the Thunder reversed the Grizzlies by 24 points and their appearance before the game attracted attention. According to a reporter's report, Paul decided to send all his teammates a customized suit in the preseason, and finally all the goods arrived a few days ago, so Paul organized all players to wear to the arena. But not all teammates buy it

The Thunder is undoubtedly in an awkward situation. Since sending away Shaw and George and determined to rebuild the team, they have only one goal left-hoarding talent. In the Thunder's original goal, getting more high-quality draft picks by putting it down has always been on their work plan

It looks like the Thunder guard Chris Paul still has no market in the market. According to the Bleacher, no one is willing to trade the point guard in the deal because of Paul's huge contract. Paul's salary for the Thunder this season is $ 38.5 million, and next season's salary is 4

Tiger flutter December 9 In a regular-season game that ended today, the Blazers lost to the Thunder 96-108. After the game, the Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony was interviewed by reporters. When talking about whether he was surprised by the summer Chris Paul was traded, Anton

Everyone has heard about foreign medical systems. In many foreign countries, the medical resources of public hospitals are very tight, and doctors, nurses, and medical equipment are often in short supply. Private hospitals are prohibitive for many because of their expensive treatment costs. In addition, appointments in public hospitals often require an appointment.

Darnell Rogers is on the basketball court, and height determines your upper limit. Therefore, we often like some small people heartily. They broke the trance and completed the impossible. AI, Thomas Jr., Boggs, etc., these smart elves, as long as they perform wonderfully, we will sincerely

Paul is really too stable. After going to the Thunder, Paul is slowly fading out of everyone's field of vision, but the chairman's performance is good enough, and you can hardly not notice him. Today's game against the Pelicans was again Paul's role in determining the game. At the critical moment, Paul first used the difficult medium shot to get the team the leading advantage.

According to the Associated Press reported on November 27, the police in Tuelle, Utah, announced on Tuesday that a man's body had been stored in the refrigerator for up to 11 years. His wife died recently in his apartment west of Salt Lake City. But Tuelle Police Sheriff Jeremy Hanson

The NBA regular season continued and the Oklahoma City Thunder (6 wins and 10 losses) successfully rebounded. Schroeder scored 22 points and 5 assists. Paul scored 20 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Paul had a back-up jumper with 36.8 seconds to help

Beijing time on November 23 news, Los Angeles Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 130 to 127 away, the Lakers won 6 consecutive victories. This is the Lakers' second consecutive victory over the Thunder. The consecutive encounters made the Lakers players smarter when they stared at Chris Paul.

At the end of the seven-minute period of regular time, 94 to 85, the Philadelphia 76ers had established an advantage to the Oklahoma City Thunder near double digits. In the less than 12 minutes of the past game, they have been suppressed from being suppressed to the top, and they have won the home team by 16 points.

In the football field, the case of the coach winning the class is rare, and the case of the class after the victory is even more rare. But in Italian football, there is now a world of anecdote. Due to the 27-0 victory over the opponent, Invic Rotherto coach Rickini was fired and his charges were not respected.

On November 13th, Beijing time, according to US media reports, the Thunder's starting point guard Chris Paul participated in a talk show with American comedian Kevin Hart, talking about being traded this summer. Paul bluntly said the general manager of the old club. It is said that one set is made. Every situation is different,

Paul's offseason sent Westbrook and Paul George's Thunder team is considered to be the hot spot in the western season, but it has been nearly a month since the start of the game. The Thunder did not go straight to the top pick, but they are now 4 wins and 6 losses in the 10th in the West, and the playoffs

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 7, two men in Northern Ireland recently used a metal detector to find lost wedding rings in the field, and unexpectedly discovered an ancient gold coin worth 100,000 pounds. According to reports, 44-year-old lighting engineer Paul Leonard (

Netease Sports reported on November 10th: A confrontation between the Thunder and the Warriors has just ended. The Thunder won 114-108. Paul contributed 16 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists. This season is the 34-year-old Paul in the NBA

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