According to CCTV News reported on December 14th, last week, the US Defense Department admitted that they had misrepresented the number of US troops stationed in Syria. The number of The Pentagon is several times higher than the previous figures. The Whit

Van dissel - Walker Paul in memory of Paul Walker's daughter Mei flower had 18 year old daughter Walker in the 44 anniversary of the birthday of the sun two pictured Van Dicer drying out the photos and the two NetEase entertainment reported in September 1

The book to be recommended today is an interesting book fairy tale "little Paul". The story of the hero Paul has a sensitive heart, those living in the red or gray moment, so that the mood of little Paul has become colorful. These colors to witness the li

Beijing time on January 20th, Blizzard released blue stickers said from the beginning of next week, the weekly fam low cap will be raised to 15, can get a maximum of 925 other awards! The following is the full text of the blue patch: with the dark night o

2K originally scheduled for local time in late June 1st announced the "NBA 2"

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