SIEH announced today that the Chinese version of Kingdom Hearts DLC "Re Mind" developed by Square Enix will be available on the PS4 platform on January 23, 2020. Today players can play on the PlayStation Digital Store

At today's TGA 2019 awards ceremony, Sony announced a new IP work "Godfall", which is expected to be available on PS5 and Epic platforms in late 2020. The video address "Godfall" is a third person based on melee

The Chinese version of King of Kings 2 will be officially launched on PS4 on March 12, 2020. Recently, the official pre-order bonuses for different versions of the game have been officially released, including early purchase of Playstation store pre-orders and luxury editions.

MLB The Show is a game series developed by Sony's game studio and has been exclusively owned by PlayStation. Basically, this series is Sony ’s first party sports game, but it ’s going to be cross-platform now

As 2019 approaches the end of the year and is about to usher in the next decade, the rating aggregation site Metacritic has compiled the highest-rated games in the past decade. Note 1: Shortlisted entries must be launched between 2010 and 2019, and in Metacr

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) announced today related information on PlayStation special events on Double Twelve.

On December 3, 1994, Sony officially launched its first-generation PlayStation console in Japan. In other words, this well-known game brand has been with us for 25 years. On this special day, iFixit

25 years ago, on December 3, the original PlayStation was released in Japan, and Sony began to enter the game console industry. To mark this special day, Sony will host PlayStation Awards 2019 and Play today

To celebrate "The Wolf Has Lost Two Times" at the PlayStation Awards 2019 award ceremony, the PlayStation Japan service digital store has a free "The Wolf" theme with a special BGM, please click the theme address

On December 3, 1994, the Playstation 1 console was officially launched in Japan. Its first day sales exceeded 100,000 units and became the first ever home console with cumulative global sales exceeding 100 million units. Today, it ’s Playstati

PlayStation today announced the free games for PS + members in Europe and the United States in December, namely "Titanfall 2" and "Monster Energy Supercross", and PS + members will be on December 3 ~

PlayStation Korea today announced a live-action advertisement for "Dead Stranded". The protagonist is a PS4 porter, who travels alone in the wild, sits down and rests, and excretes if his bladder explodes. He must also pay attention to ensure that BB is happy and really. It's hard. Death Stranded

From a recent patent, the PlayStation 5 console will refocus on user-generated content. According to foreign media reports, Sony’s new IP, which surfaced on the US Patent and Trademark Office website this week, details a new system called Scene Mark, which will be used for

Sony officially announced the discount lineup for this year's Black Friday special event. The discount can be said to be quite amazing. For example, the 1TB PS4 package containing "God of War", "Full version of Horizon Zero" and "Last Survivor Remastered" is only available. $199.99

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am your brother. The "Death Stranded" file was launched on November 8th, and a large number of fans are looking forward to this express game by Hideo Kojima. However, there is a famous liver emperor who has already obtained the platinum achievement of this game before the game is released.

The PlayStation announced the list of European and American PS + free games in November. The two games, "Ren King" and "Escape 2", will be released this month. The time will be from November 5th to December 3rd. "Benevolence" "Escape 2" Source: P

According to foreign media reports, late last week, there were reports that Sony was looking for buyers for its Playstation Vue business, indicating that Sony's streaming TV service prospects are uncertain. Today, the Japanese company announced that it will close PlayS - ZAKER from January 30 next year, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authoritative media information

In recent years, game subscription services are becoming more familiar to players. Nowadays, the familiar subscription service for players is EA Access and Sony's cloud game service PlayStation Now. After that, Microsoft, Ubisoft and other manufacturers have entered the game, and launched their own game subscription service - authority Media information

Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. announced today that from November 1st to November 11th, 2019, the PlayStation Double Eleven special event will be launched, including PS4, PS4 Pro host and package, PS V - ZAKER, personality Recommend popular news, local authoritative media information

Namco Bandai announced today: "summer class Trailer Miyamoto Hikaru collection", which includes all four of the contents of the DLC PlayStation VR exclusive game will be released in the Japanese version of the entity. Click to view the video - ZAKER, pers

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