Thirty this year, the most legendary programmer should be confused age, then I lost it, not to say that, according to a company at the age of 34 to quit, I have 4 years of career program.

Programmers must invest in those things

It has been said that every programmer who looks like a normal person, in fact, is in the process of learning the development of the program to get through, depressed, and the trauma of the sociopaths.

I don't want to, so I don't do these things!

On the first day of the new year UTC (UTC) at midnight, deep inside the Cloudflare custom RRDNS software, a digital should always be zero in the worst case, it becomes negative. Later, this negative RRDNS panic. This fear - ZAKER, personalized recommendat

[introduction] Bole online: why programmers / designers afraid to demand? A similar piece, such as online: "kill a programmer does not need to use a gun, you can change three times demand. Recently, there are users in the know almost on the question, how

In contrast, the online show off their wealth is not a programmer, even if it is usually brag chat and didn't see sun programmer. I am not a programmer, I am married to a programmer, I answer this question from the perspective of a programmer's wife! Or t

In the know almost, Yan Suji points like the highest answer is about seventeen years old boys to know what the answer. In this question, she replied, if you continue to write code in the University, this year is the peak of the value of your face. Write t

IOS development - click "CocoaChina" to free learning

"Click" CocoaChina "on free development of learning iOS monkey ape ape who are ~ ~ Lei monkey, teach you how to there is no trace of PS

Bug buried too much? You may lack a suitable for your keyboard, like a knife.

Just want to do not change the demand for software development......

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who have the idea: "I have a idea that can change the world, and now only a programmer. But often this time he is more lack of a product manager.

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