The third season of the British popular TV series "The Crown" was launched. The play mainly describes the life of Queen Elizabeth II. As the story progresses, this season has added some new faces related to the Queen. One of the most striking of them is Princess Anne, the Princess of the Royal Family, played by Irene Doherty. Her appearance, let

Overseas Network November 14th Local time On the 14th, Prince Charles of England celebrated its 71st birthday. Queen Elizabeth II shared Charles's childhood photos through an official social account and sent her birthday wishes. Source: Daily Mail According to The Daily Mail, Charles

"Gossip Girl" is going to return! Warner's new streaming platform HBO Max announced the resumption of Gossip Girl, and has booked 10 episodes in the new season! The old producer Joshua Safran is the screenwriter, the original master Josh Schwartz

NetEase Entertainment reported on November 12 that since the beginning of April this year, Li Xiang has started the e-commerce live broadcast. Although he has experienced the live broadcast and sells one, he has not sold it. However, with the popularity accumulated over the years, he still has many The favor of netizens. After the double eleventh, Li Xiang also sunk his own

The Queen of England wiped the tears from her face with her hand. (Daily Mail) Overseas Network November 11th November 11th is the Commonwealth National Armistice Day, also known as Memorial Day, the United Kingdom held a commemorative ceremony on the 10th, royal members, politicians, foreign representatives and the military

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhuanet) According to the Central News Agency, Queen Elizabeth II is always dressed elegantly, and the secrets in her closet, as well as the behind-the-scenes footage of many well-known events, are all assistants Kelly who serve her all the year round. Angela Kelly ) New

Love gossip thing is always you pay close attention to the topic, who is divorced, and her husband who is not, and so on, but this time let everyone's surprise, Obama's daughter was kissing a strange man, is not very surprised, who is this mysterious man.

The day before, Lin Yun appeared in Shanghai of a party, drink champagne tease the hair, a pair of exaggerated pub queen posture.

When it comes to the head of state, who is the longest reigning, oldest and longest standby title holder, the first response must be this: Queen Elizabeth S of england. But the reality is that African President Mugabe of Zimbabwe at the age of 93 beat the

Elizabeth S, the queen of England and her husband, Prince Philip, celebrate the 70th anniversary anniversary of the wedding on 20 th. According to Hongkong East network 20 reports, the British media photographed the queen of England on Sunday (19) morning

According to the British Daily Mail reported on October 15th, 15 local time, Queen Elizabeth S was photographed personally drove home from the church. As the only driver in Britain without a driver's license, Queen Elizabeth S has been driving without a l

NetEase entertainment reported in October 15th this Sunday (October 15th) night to sing "masked guess", has been singing two still a mystery naughty pink identity gradually clear, leading the audience moved to tears, Eric Moo also want to name the day; an

When it comes to being Chinese waste in the history of the queen, it is really a big basket, the reason is out of order. At this time, we are generally more concerned about the first person to be abolished. She is the sixth emperor of the emperor Liu Qi t

Qianqin Gautier queen Mao name clear autumn is the former Qin Fu Deng's wife gautier. It is said that the queen Mao has a tragic end, as a queen of the country, she finally suffered soldiers taunts and insults, was naked punishment beheaded. What the hell

Yesterday, @ Jixi police station in Anhui Banqiao head sent a micro-blog today on fire, quickly became the hot search may be the local people to the police station to the children on account of the police poker-faced reception, following ↓ &darr came

Ladder expansion pack in each environment change card group T1 level will also change, so the card synthesis order too. In this guide, I will focus on the card group and the expensive single card to help you optimally use your dust and gold coins. But at

Wang Han, Yang Lele couple ushered in the birth of a small mu mu. For this year has been 40

Sherry domineering embrace Hebe Jolin according to Taiwan media reports, "the greatest love

Sherry domineering embrace Hebe Jolin according to Taiwan media reports, "the greatest love

Sherry domineering embrace Hebe Jolin according to Taiwan media reports, "the greatest love

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