NetEase sports June 4th reported: Beijing time on June 4th at 2:45 in the morning, the 2016-17 Champions League final, Welsh in the city of Cardiff for the Millennium Stadium against Juventus in Serie A, the overlord of real madrid. C Rowe breaks the dead

Beijing time on March 13th at 03:452016-17 La Liga season twenty-seventh round started, Real Madrid will return home court against the Royal Bettis

Gas, what's wrong? Real Madrid's goal position is a bit of a problem now. The main goalkeeper Navas state compared with last season cannot be mention in the same breath. At that time, he inherited

Leo (text / Xiao Yi sports sports observation covering 1 million readers) tomorrow morning, the Champions League group phase the final round of the rest of the game will be played for Real Madrid

Beijing time on November 26th night at 23:15, 2016-17 La Liga season thirteenth round of a focus of the war, Real Madrid at Bernabeu Stadium against gijon.

Florentino then has Raul, Goody and Carlos's case, still generous signing of Figo Zidane, Ronaldo very influential, and Beckham, to create the first generation of the Milky Way ship.

Real Madrid with C Ronaldo to renew Beijing time on November 7th morning news, Real Madrid superstar C Lo officially announced and complete the renewal, the Portuguese and the Milky Way war

Beijing time on November 7th morning, the Real Madrid club announced on the official website, C Luo and Real Madrid to complete the contract, the new contract signed to June 30, 2021. If

Beijing time on November 3rd at 3:45 in the morning, the 2016-17 Champions League group phase fourth round group F a focus on war in the Warsaw stadium, the La Liga giants

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Real Madrid and Barcelona is a deadly enemy, no friendship between the two teams. A few days ago, Barcelona opened in New York office, Real Madrid legend Raul has appeared in the current

The early morning of September 15th, the first round of the Champions League in the group phase, Real Madrid home court 2-1 victory over Lisbon athletics, the Champions League 10 consecutive games unbeaten home court battle. This BBC

Baer opens the door for the victory of Real Madrid Baer is the prelude to the summer party and the end of real madrid. The past Real Madrid in the Arno stadium will bear the suffering of ETA, but this to the Royal Society

Beijing time this weekend of the 2016-2017 season will be kicked off the Spanish (WeChat reply "B" get live information), Real Madrid took over in the middle of last season

According to Spanish media "Marca" news, J Ronaldo in Bernabeu's future is not optimistic, Zidane told J Ronaldo to go to other places to try their luck, the club also has

Real Madrid is expected to receive a formal ban on the transfer of FIFA in the next one or two days, once implemented, Real Madrid will be banned in the next two transfer window to introduce new ball

This weekend, Zidane set off for Real Madrid players. But back in the near C Ronaldo, did not enjoy the holidays. On C, Ins ROM released a video. Video in

Beijing time on August 20th morning, the League began, the fans are ready to stay up late? As the most competitive league in Europe, the Spanish League

"Marca": Real Madrid has never considered Moussa Sissoko recently, France international Moussa Sissoko open to the Royal horse show, "I want Real Madrid to buy, I have to do

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