It is reported that the female cockroach named Archimandrita tesselata (Peru giant cockroach) will have an egg sheath that can protect the eggs during pregnancy. During this period, the egg sheath will even retract, allowing the eggs to fully absorb the nutrients Until the eggs

[Global Network Report Trainee Reporter Zhu Haiyi] The Russian S-400 air defense system can actually help American soldiers win battles, but in poker games. (On March 13, 2003, US Army soldiers played in temporary tents in the desert outside Kuwait City

The Russian girl Maria, who has been studying in the Northeast for three years, is now a loyal powder for online shopping in China. She found that China's online shopping is cheaper and faster, and the delivery speed is far more than that of Russia. Every weekend, I have to take a bunch of parcels from the express station. Recently, I have placed a lot of things during the double eleven period....

According to a report by the Russian media on the 2nd, a woman named Anna recently uploaded a video of a suspected unlicensed passenger plane, causing heated discussion. The Siberian Times stated that the pilot had let her sit in the co-pilot position to maneuver the aircraft and to guide the use of the equipment on the aircraft console. "Go back, go right

In the history of the export of Chinese aircraft, the engine has been an extremely fatal problem. As the power heart of the aircraft, the engine performance is not good, the performance decline fighter will be very serious; and the reliability is poor, it

From the second Chechnya war, Putin personally drove the Soviet -27 fighter to the Chechen Grozny airport, condolences to the frontline soldiers, declared the victory of the second Chechnya war, and officially elected president of Russian Federation in 20

The Russian economy in recent years is very hard, the total economy was the equivalent of a province, China until recently began to come out of the recession, and behind this, in addition to seek development mode of non energy economy in the country, more

The Russian economy in recent years is very hard, the total economy was the equivalent of a province, China until recently began to come out of the recession, and behind this, in addition to seek development mode of non energy economy in the country, more

Recently, a group of photos on the Internet have attracted the attention of the vast number of netizens. 6 planes have crossed the blue sky of our country. It has been confirmed that the third batches of Russia's 5 Soviet -35 and IL -76 transport aircraft

Today, the world's most popular global amphibious aircraft AG600 is the first to develop a test flight. About 9:40, the AG600 took off in Zhuhai Jinwan airport, the first flight is expected to be about 1 hours long. The picture from the live video this mo

Vitali Tormachev Ostankinsky Moscow district court sentenced to senior management personnel of the Russian space system and Mercury's company, Igor Krylov, Alexander Polyakov and Alexei Dio were convicted of DICA ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot new

Fame was the world's oil country, Venezuela has a debt crisis in four years long for economic and social unrest, perennial paralysis for the $28 billion owed Chinese payments become elusive, Venezuela has been painting pie said, will be transferred to Chi

Author Liu Liu | recently, Qatar to celebrate National Day, held a grand military parade in the capital city of Doha beach Boulevard, the biggest difference with the previous years, the 14 military parade on the square with all the "China" queue and is to

A small neighborhood incident at the beginning of this year was impressed by the Global Times reporter. It also feels that Germany's desire to advocate a dominant culture may be a long way to go. Before long torn couplets. Feng Xuejun photographed the doo

In the afternoon of December 18th local time, Trump announced the first "national security strategy report" in the afternoon of December 18th local time, Jin Canrong. This 68 page report refers to 33 times in China and 25 in Russia. Similar to previous pr

China cannot be fanatical Bannon who astray. The United States Brett news executive chairman Bart Bannon in Japan 17 days Tokyo speech, sent to the United States and its allies must unite to curb the rise of China warning. Chief strategist, Bannon served

As everyone knows, Russia has a "girl" of the country, Chinese men under pressure and coincided with high bride price "wife difficult, in people's matchmaking, there are a lot of this came to the domestic and foreign wife. The Chinese man and his daughter

In December 16th the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet. A new catamaran design professional rescue ship, although it tonnage to teach small, but have strong navigability and wind resistance. It is designed in Russia for search, rescue and underwater exploratio

In December 13th, China armed forces with the Russian National Guard cooperation 2017 joint anti-terrorism exercises, a training base in Ningxia in the outskirts of Yinchuan completed the training content, successfully concluded. This is a special combat

The J-10 has identified the cause of the accident crash accident, no one is caused by the FBW; in addition to a handful of human reason -- such as flight in illusion, not the sky on the ground outside the case, almost all from the engine fault. The J-10 d

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