It's only a few months away from Samsung's release of S9 / S9+. There are news that the Samsung S9 / S9+ will have a lot of changes, such as the increase in screen occupation, the new double lens design and the new color matching in the S9+ version. But t

According to the grapevine news, Galaxy S9 will be released ahead of schedule, perhaps at the beginning of next year's CES or MWC conference. It will become the first smart phone equipped with Xiaolong 845 and Exynos 8910. And there's a lot of news about

No surprise, Samsung S9 will be released in the spring of 2018. Recently, a variety of S9 pictures and configurations have been released. According to these exposures, S9 still has a lot of amazing points. Toni today gives you a brief summary of the summi

IT's home December 15th news, foreign revelers OnLeaks exposed today's Samsung S9/S9+ factory CAD rendering. According to its previous experience, the final product may be different from the current rendering. With the S8 Department - ZAKER, personalized

Although Samsung GALAXY S9 series has been coming on the stage of CES2018 exhibition in the past, it seems that Samsung didn't launch the new flagship idea ahead of schedule. According to the latest report of thebell in South Korean media, Samsung has con

Samsung has studied the news of foldable cell phone for a long time. According to the latest revelations, if there is no accident, we can see that Samsung released related products in 2018, and the foreign media letsgodigital released the appearance map o

At present, BOE is pushing the OLED screen. Besides increasing research and development, its capacity is also expanding. It is said that apple is testing their screens and intends to add them to iPhone's screen supply chain system. In any case, now and th

Samsung officially released three new Notebook 9 products today, namely the brand new Notebook 9 Pen two in one laptop and two upgraded Notebook 9 notebook computers. Samsung said the three new products will start in South Korea - ZAKER, personalized reco

Although Samsung and apple are still the top two in the world, they are suffering from the crazy pursuit of domestic manufacturers, especially Samsung, which is worse than apple. The latest reports from Strategy Analytics show that Samsung mobile ZAKER --

The recent rumours about Samsung's brand new flagship mobile Galaxy S9 series have been growing more and more, and even its rendering has come to the surface. All of these rendering drawings show no exception to the design of the S9 series. Simply, it's t

A new generation of flagship aircraft, which is expected to be expected, is sure to see the figure of Samsung S9. As to why the Samsung S9 is so concerned, it has a great relationship with a comprehensive screen design and a new upgrade. The day before, w

Remember little thunder (WeChat: leitech) in July this year for everyone to dig deep, can create a Samsung S8 Shenzhen manufacturer leading song (Leagoo)? At that time it made real effect or by many people diss. But people are now skilled in technology -

According to foreign media reports, due to the demand for memory chip products, in the fourth quarter of 2017, Samsung Electronics's operating profit will create a new record, reaching 16 trillion won (about 14 billion 600 million U.S. dollars). FnGuide,

Tencent digital news (Qiu Minghui) Samsung has proposed the concept machine of folding smartphone for a long time, hoping to turn the concept of folding mobile phone from a concept to reality. But ZTE's Axon M folding smart phone not long ago was brutally

From Samsung S9 engineering machine information display, the Samsung S9 series mobile phone will still use the back of fingerprint design, but the position of the fingerprint sensor and the camera has been from the previous parallel design to the middle p

Zhongguancun online news: before the news that Samsung will launch a flagship mobile phone at CES in early 2018, the focus falls on the first industry speculation on the Samsung S9, but the Korea Herald reported that Samsung will not be released S ZAKER i

Although Samsung promises to push Android 8 system update on Samsung Note 8, but Samsung has been waiting for a long time, Samsung users have not yet waited for Samsung Note 8's system push. Just as users were waiting anxiously, foreign forum users unexpe

Original title: Samsung S9 fingerprint shift: destroy first slot full screen era, screen fingerprint has not left to fix, manufacturers don't have many options, most can only be forced to do the fingerprint identification in the mobile phone back, includi

Evan Blass, known as the great reveler, has said repeatedly that Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S8 will be released on the CES2018 next year. Many media have also accepted this statement. But today, the Korean Herald revealed that Samsung's CES is publicly

Xiaolong 845 has been officially released. Lei Jun has announced at Xiaolong technology summit that Xiaomi is developing Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 mobile phone, and the next generation flagship will be equipped. However, it is reported that Samsung S9, LG G7

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