In the past SAT exams, students Chinese mathematics has been cited as proud of the advantage of subjects. Compared with American students, Chinese students are generally very solid knowledge of mathematics and computing power, scoring 800 points is not un

Good SAT composition is astepping-stone to success, to enter the United States schools for writing, students should not be overlooked. So how to write a good SAT composition? Below we start from the directions part, and gradually analysis. The first step:

The new SAT composition test scoring criteria include three aspects: reading, analysis and writing. In order to get high marks, the candidates need to accumulate their own writing patterns and words, and use the logical connectives to ensure the fluency o

New SAT syntax, SAT writing and language (Language and writing). The study, in an essay, therefore, pay attention to the context between the paragraph and the logic is a very important quality of the problem, and the structure and logic structure of the s

The new SAT mathematics is one of the most important subjects for many Chinese candidates. Mathematical investigation of the knowledge points as long as a good review of the candidates will not be difficult. Candidates should be how to promote new SAT mat

In the 2016 SAT exam reform, the grammar part of the change is great. The new SAT grammar is no longer a boring grammar exercises, and grammar points into the text, to improve the students' reading ability of the test at the same time, seems to be the dif

One side is the bottom of the group, while the group of third. Seems to be no suspense, but according to the recent

It's a game that has nothing to do with the playoffs, it has nothing to do with the interests of both parties, GT and

VS IG SAT first came to the final two weeks of the group stage, by SAT

SAT and Newbee contest, for the two teams are very critical

With the end of the sixth week race, the LPL is about to enter the final countdown.

With the end of the sixth week race, the LPL is about to enter the final countdown.

About the new SAT test, the new SAT Asia Pacific region's first test has just ended,


Both the normal start, under the combined line killed Budd, after the road is single dimensional kill.

Easy competitive finishing release, reproduced please indicate the source recently, SAT team officially announced the strict

LGD team: Hirano Aya's return to make LGD more like a collective, M

4 minutes, IM spider in the next road triangle grass card the opposite view of the vacuum. With the next

Game time: May 28th 15:00 recommended reason: the vengeance

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