Zhangqiu green onions, has always had a magical reputation in the country, many friends in the South have seen Zhangqiu green onions, only to know that Shandong people say that you are not yet my home high, it is not a lie [amp;hellip; yesterday, in Jinan City Chapter In the Greenland Country Park in the Qiu District, the annual chapter of the Onion King is selected.

Modern express /ZAKER Nanjing chief commentator at the age of 6, Wu Lichuan programming, 8 construction site, 13 year old founder of the company, the 14 year old was admitted to MIT as preppy, former U.S. president personally sent a letter of invitation a

Over the past two days, almost all of China's micro-blog from central to local media has launched a story about talented young people from Shandong, including micro-blog in our global times. However, when our media are excited by the discovery of a big ne

According to the "Labor News" reported that on the way to work in the Zhangjiang Science Park Shandong man Lee ride train Fanhu, to seek stimulation, the middle of the night will be stretched to the adjacent shop female passenger chest. At present, Li is

In December 5, 2017, Shandong Linyi water lake village, the roadside full of all kinds of gold eggs, this is the famous gold egg base in the country. Source: visual Chinese in this village has a lot of plaster craft, slack when squatting on the lane stree

Since this year, the price of diesel in our country has been rising continuously. After November, the diesel market has appeared the situation of tension in the supply of goods. In some areas, a special train to transport diesel will have to wait for seve

Recently, a picture on the Internet has subverted a number of netizens' recognition of green onions. The net friend of the cat, Capricorn, moved to a family of Shandong people next door, and they invited the blogger to share Zhangqiu shallot together. Wel

In the practice of a road construction along the forefront of central trains again heard the shocking figures! At the beginning of November 2017, the total number of central trains CDB has exceeded 6000, only this year, CDB trains more than 3000, is expec

In November 28, 2017, the same day, in Yinan County of Shandong province Linyi copper town located in Yimeng Mountainous hinterland Meng Quan village, a groom was to come to the author's friend, tied not far from home in Poplar on ground with transparent

Brother, don! Although the girl on the back seat of the van again for the Shandong Juye County Public Security Bureau police station Tian bridge at the age of 17, auxiliary police Yu Jie, deputy director of the institute or in Zou's hands with his mobile

In Shandong, there is a private enterprise in the field of military ups and downs for decades, they developed a artifact to get a big order in the international market. Launched 2000 Rockets a year, Chinese folk gunner to foreign technical guidance Wang D

Recently, Shandong Jining a man riding a cable car hurried across the road, will be walking, ex girlfriend caught and fell to the ground, then, the man pulled out a knife to her woman stabbed, stabbed and severely wounded in the forensic identification. S

[double 11 express truck caught fire in Zhejiang high-speed, more than 4500 express Inferno] on November 11th 12, a Anhui Province Logistics Limited company under the jurisdiction of the Anhui S heavy semi-trailer towing vehicle (express car) in the road

November 9th Shandong Tai'an, a school seniors to junior school girls express, thousand onlookers, was brutally plug a dog, that you are the fireworks, floor tube aunt said never seen such a big battle. He said, "I want to thank you and thank you for all

Now the big become more cunning: not found out, disguised himself as a good cadre; face trial, often silent or insisted that no problem, even in order to escape the organization about, think in English dialogue with investigators crooked trick. However, n

↑ data figure: Cheongsam cheongsam charm lovers to show in Shandong scenic boardwalk guimeng lei. The Xinhua news agency media said, in addition to the highly popular dress on both sides, but also to allow foreign women immersed. Previous exchanges i

November 3rd news, Shandong, Weihai, a pastry studio flagship steamed bread products, the average monthly sales of more than 100 thousand yuan, the most expensive private customized steamed bread price as high as 788 yuan. A lot of people will be these ad

In the afternoon of October 27th, in the aquatic product market of Shandong, Weihai, 47 year old Qu Shao and his wife squatted in a corner. Bang! With the sound of the sound coming, the small snails piled up nearby are getting higher and higher. From two

In October 29, 2017, Shandong province Rizhao City Juxian Ling Yang Zhen Da Fang He Cun, the villagers Sun Jianguo is showing a stone. On the same day, he received a stone from a sheep stomach, after preliminary expert judgment, this may be a stone sheep

According to CCTV financial report in October 27th this year, since the end of September, the cold storage garlic prices fell after the sale, less than a month fell three or four cents per kilogram. And before the garlic stored in cold storage traders, no

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