Tiger flapping December 29th Recently, Shanghai's ex-wife Hulk's ex-wife, Yilan, issued a statement through a lawyer, talking about the end of her 12-year marriage with Hulk, and accused her of some practices. Elan reveals the pain the end of the marriage caused to her in a statement, and she blames Hull

On December 25, the latest round of salary limit orders announced by the Chinese Football Association. This means one thing in the future, players will be cut significantly. Who is the victim of the pay restriction order is nothing but the main force of the Chinese Super Club. Because they are almost the top teams in Chinese football and the ones who make the most money, in fact he

On December 26, Beijing time, according to Western media reports, the Spaniards trapped in the downgraded quagmire will discuss with Shanghai today to seek a lease on Hulk. Spain's World Sport newspaper quoted website pericos online on December 26: Saipan

Abstract: Is the betting agreement attracting wolves? Image source @ 视 中国 文 丨 Zinc scale, author 丨 Chen Dengxin, editor 丨 Gao Zhi, known as the Internet education unicorn of Shanghai Education, finally saw the dawn of the loss-making quagmire, but once again fell into the wind of the betting agreement in.

Recently, sportsman @ 三 过 posted on Weibo the renderings of the home jerseys of the three teams from Shanghai, Shenhua and Suning next season. What do you think of Nike's design this time?

Tigers flew on November 23rd in the 28th round of the Super League match. Evergrande won the championship in the 2-0 victory over Tianwangshan, and the national victory of this round also surpassed Shanghai. The ranking rose to second place. In the much-watched battle of the Super King Wangshan, relying on

The national football team received a depressed tail in 2019. With the resignation of Lippi, everything was calm. What to do next year's Top 40, who the coach will be, leave a big question mark, wait for the league to finish. The fans’ eyes returned to the Super League, leaving the last three rounds of the league, the title of the champion and the last one.

Dongfang.com Wang Jiani reported on November 19th: A few days ago, a post titled "Shanghai Shentong Metro: Saying that a good life for wheelchair users to travel without barriers" has caused many netizens to pay attention. According to the article, 9 passengers who drive electric wheelchairs want to enter Baoyang Road Station on Line 3.

On November 6, Legoland operator Merlin Group announced that the Legoland theme resort has officially settled in Jinshan District, Shanghai, and is scheduled to open in 2023. At that time, Shanghai Legoland Resort will become one of the largest Legoland resorts in the world. According to the Merlin Group, there are already

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Road Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Products Announcement" (No. 325), among which Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was included. From January this year, the Tesla Super Factory officially started, and on October 17, the first line for the production and operation of the plant was officially--

This article from the micro-channel public number: IT Times (ID: vittimes), Author: Li Yang, editors: kicked sister, title figure from: Eastern IC dark green iPhone 11 Pro is on sale now. After a short period of short supply, the iPhone 11 series opened

It was all bad luck. Last night, Guangzhou Evergrande lost two goals at home in the Super League. 2:2 drawed Henan Jianye and won only one victory in the last four rounds. After the game, Evergrande Club responded quickly and issued a notice saying that Cannavaro needed to continue education. Evergrande first team will be recommended by the team leader Zheng Zhi - ZAKER, personalized news,...

[observer network synthesis] according to Xinhua News Agency December 5th report, 5 days morning, four days in 2017, China International Maritime Exhibition opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition takes the lead, interconnection

In December 1st, found the most beautiful railway? The feelings of poetic experience of new group of Ning'an sleeper cars. It is understood that the EMU sleeper train double berth with a new design, put into operation in July 2017, not only comfortable en

In November 28th, the 51 year old Bai Chun building was displayed in Shandong's Longshan Town of Juxian. In August this year, he in the pig, unexpectedly a wool, identified by the Shanghai professional accreditation bodies for the pig treasure, expert app

Just a few days apart, a little milk tea and a cockroach. The person who loves to drink is really hit by ten thousand points! Recently, the first is a little bit of Wuxi broke out for a drink and a cockroach. Then, Shanghai's local WeChat public number ri

Nandu full entertainment (micro signal: nd_ent) original works, without permission to reprint. This article only represents the author's point of view. It doesn't represent the position of Nandu. Today, the third China film new force forum was held in Xix

Source: News Center of Fudan University. The views in this article only reflect the author's research and academic views, do not represent the position of the information, and do not constitute the investment proposals. Two years ago, uncle is the husband

The rent of 800 yuan of public rental housing in Shanghai: the dining room has a tennis court, smart laundry Author: Qi Yingpu van Jialai / on the concept of news in the land of Shanghai, to pay the rent is 800 yuan per month, in what areas? The Xiaoyun B

Are Bill Gate and Buffett good enough? Would they like to settle in China? There is no way! Because he has no working experience in China as required by the current regulations! This online popular piece is not only a joke, the street casually catch a for

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