At around 1 pm on December 29, 2019, Qiu Zhongqi, the brother of Shenyang, Liaoning, broke the news: On the viaduct near Long Dream in Dadong District, Shenyang, a bus collided with a height-limiting pole, and the entire top of the bus fell off. It can be seen from the pictures and videos sent by the passing driver at the accident site that the bus is ahead

Plain language, two generations of doctors shouting in isolation, 20 years of growth and thinking. Recently, a special journal article published information, which broke the circle of friends of medical workers. International medical journal "The Lancet" was published in Chinese on its official website on the 26th

In the early morning of December 18th, the 66-year-old Shang Ershun (running name Xiaohongdou), the grandfather of Shenyang Marathon who insisted on marathon for a full ten years, left forever on the track he loved. Movement life ends at 36786 steps. In the Shenyang running circle, Shang Ershun has been using the sun

According to China Fund News, two years ago, a Northeast listed company called Huishan Dairy, whose boss was the richest man in Liaoning, was targeted by a short-selling agency, which plunged 85% that day, and has since been suspended until December 18. In the evening, it was cancelled by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, commonly known as forced delisting.

Mr. Fan, who lives in Building 3, Phase 1 of Donghu Homeland, Shenyang City, complained that the room temperature was 15 ℃ at noon and 13 ℃ at night. The home was too cold, and he repeatedly communicated with the heating company and the heat exchange station. The outdoor 2 ℃ room temperature did not meet the standard. At 1:30 this afternoon, the reporter came to Mr. Fan's house.

The development plight of Northeast China has a long history. From the perspective of new structural economics, this article argues that the new structural economics emphasizes the endowment of the elements of the economy itself, and the role of infrastructure and system costs is fundamental. Therefore, the new structural economics calls for a promising government. Compared with Shenzhen,...

Jiang Yishan Netease Entertainment reported on December 5 (Source: Beijing Daily Client) The Beijing Daily Client reporter learned from the Beijing Peking Theater that the famous Beijing opera actor Jiang Yishan died today at the age of 41. Jiang Yishan studied Peking Opera, Tsing Yi, Zongzhang School, and Mei School from a young age, and has won Chinese opera

At 21:16 on December 2, 2019, the Shenyang Fire Rescue Detachment Command Center received an alarm. A fire broke out in Building 102, SR New Town, Hunnan District. A total of 98 fire engines and 439 commanders were dispatched to the scene. By first arrival

At 21:00 on December 2nd, a fire broke out on the exterior insulation material of the commercial and residential building No. 102, Block A, SR New Town, Hunnan New District, Shenyang. The 25-story building was burnt, and the fire was extinguished. On the 23rd floor, residents Dong Dong (pseudonymous at the request of the interviewee) are looking upstairs, nearly minus 17

Latest news: At 21:00 on December 2nd, a fire broke out on the exterior wall insulation material of Commercial and Residential Building No. 102, Block A, SR Xincheng, Hunnan New District, Shenyang. 47 fire trucks and 235 firefighters from Shenyang Fire Fighting arrived at the scene to rescue the fire. The fire has been basically extinguished. Firemen have searched and rescued layer by layer

I ’m not saying that once the card is stuck in the middle of the road, once you get stuck, you have to embarrass yourself in the middle of the road. Waiting for rescue, a few days ago, a man in Shenyang did not get stuck on the road, but he just stopped walking on the road. what? It's very cold these days. Many people are warm at home and cats at home.

In 1984, Tiexi District of Shenyang, as the most prominent old industrial area in the planned economy period, began to explore and try to reform the enterprise management mechanism. Since 1986, it has fully implemented the business contract responsibility system, and the original state-owned enterprises have gradually transformed. . In 1999, Wang Bing was holding a director.

The original title "Ali Mutual Gold Layout, Thunder, Cards, the World, the Lost Belief, the Lai, the P2P, the Suspension," has been smashed out of the large-scale reduction of the number of people in the world. Recently, Blue Whale Finance noticed Shanghai Kashang Tianxia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the card)

The following article is from Luo Tianyi State and City, author Luo Tianyi ◎ author | Luo Tianyi ◎ source | Luo Tianyi country and city (Luotianhao99) has been authorized to plant seeds, some people harvest. Investment is not Shanhaiguan? The disadvantages of the business environment in the Northeast are well known throughout the country. Therefore, there is such an exaggeration

Today, about sixty thousand primary school students in grade four participated in the comprehensive evaluation of educational quality in Shenyang, involving four subjects, including Chinese, mathematics, English and basic literacy. The flexible and innova

In 2017, the Shenyang people are fully deserve chowhound, can not pay the absolute takeout. Preserved egg lean meat gruel, pepper potato silk, Zinger Burger, slipped meat and Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer … … is our love. ZAKER, personali

Even the day, a six seconds short video of the magic circle of friends. I've never seen so much money, this time. People who have seen the video say. The video forwarding rate is very high, and the local citizens' conjectures also follow. Six seconds shor

When the old man got off the bus, the bus driver didn't see it, and the old man's body … … the old lady fell to the ground and was rolled by the bus. The afternoon of December 13th, Mr. Cai introduced readers, in the vicinity of Shenyang mou

Recently, Chinese executive information network released a list of dishonest debtor (commonly known as Lai), the name of Yang Kai. The chairman Yang Kai is huishan. According to "Hurun rich list" data, in 2016, Yang Kai's body was as high as 26 billion yu

November 25, 2017, Shenyang, after the death of this giant pig is not lonely, not only boarded in good taste, more people come to visit in a continuous line. Xu Changjin, a farmer in Liaoning, Wafangdian City, raised the pig as a pet. In 5 years, he devel

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