The original title "Ali Mutual Gold Layout, Thunder, Cards, the World, the Lost Belief, the Lai, the P2P, the Suspension," has been smashed out of the large-scale reduction of the number of people in the world. Recently, Blue Whale Finance noticed Shanghai Kashang Tianxia Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the card)

The following article is from Luo Tianyi State and City, author Luo Tianyi ◎ author | Luo Tianyi ◎ source | Luo Tianyi country and city (Luotianhao99) has been authorized to plant seeds, some people harvest. Investment is not Shanhaiguan? The disadvantages of the business environment in the Northeast are well known throughout the country. Therefore, there is such an exaggeration

Today, about sixty thousand primary school students in grade four participated in the comprehensive evaluation of educational quality in Shenyang, involving four subjects, including Chinese, mathematics, English and basic literacy. The flexible and innova

In 2017, the Shenyang people are fully deserve chowhound, can not pay the absolute takeout. Preserved egg lean meat gruel, pepper potato silk, Zinger Burger, slipped meat and Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer … … is our love. ZAKER, personali

Even the day, a six seconds short video of the magic circle of friends. I've never seen so much money, this time. People who have seen the video say. The video forwarding rate is very high, and the local citizens' conjectures also follow. Six seconds shor

When the old man got off the bus, the bus driver didn't see it, and the old man's body … … the old lady fell to the ground and was rolled by the bus. The afternoon of December 13th, Mr. Cai introduced readers, in the vicinity of Shenyang mou

Recently, Chinese executive information network released a list of dishonest debtor (commonly known as Lai), the name of Yang Kai. The chairman Yang Kai is huishan. According to "Hurun rich list" data, in 2016, Yang Kai's body was as high as 26 billion yu

November 25, 2017, Shenyang, after the death of this giant pig is not lonely, not only boarded in good taste, more people come to visit in a continuous line. Xu Changjin, a farmer in Liaoning, Wafangdian City, raised the pig as a pet. In 5 years, he devel

Wang Shijin, 55, a cleaner at Shenyang Conservatory of Music, was fascinated by Mike Jackson's dance when he was 49 years old. The left eye almost blind, poor hearing, hearing aid accompaniment, with his efforts on the CCTV stage, shocked the audience. He

November 21, 2017 news, Shenyang. Recently, Shenyang city Tiexi district should Chang Jie a closed the gate area posted a bulletin board in writing on the foreign staff bulletin, 19 of the photos above, most of the express courier company, photo mark fast

Attacking breasts, legs, and more than once, more rampant is that these behaviors are in public areas! The rest of the morning of November 11th, a young woman in Shenhe district public Rest Area Pang River Street Shenyang City spa, encounter strange man o

Recently, the Shenyang police after 11 months of careful investigation, after Anhui, Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Henan and Fujian, including the province's 11 city to carry out cross regional operations, successfully cracked a large portion of the governor

Figure: Falcon Eagle aircraft is Shenyang aviation industry for the international market demand for research and development of the fourth generation medium multirole fighter, using normal layout single seat, twin engine, twin vertical tail, decumbent sta

[post] October 9th news network reported embarrassed, sharing since September Shenyang BMW officially put on since the controversy. Recently, BMW share in Shenyang Lianzhuang three cars, traffic accident, serious damage. According to the Shenyang evening

Today, 13 PM, Li Guan Zhen Long Wang Miao Cun Dalian Wafangdian City Liu Tun roadside occurred in a tragic accident, driving a jeep drag boat, the boat accidentally flew directly into the roadside hook shot, commercial stalls, more than 10 casualties in t

What are the regrets for college graduates? University did not fall in love, has been included in the list of regrets. Tanabata approaching, there are survey institutions statistics of college students love situation, currently 48% of college students did

Driving most afraid of traffic police posted a ticket, but in the Heping District, eleven weft Road near, a unique handwriting violation parking ticket, but make the way people laugh and cry. The ticket is a pencil handwriting, even with an air of importa

Investment in Shanhaiguan, however, is the voice of the Northeast China, which has seen its economic trend continue to slump in recent years. 19, four vice provincial cities of the Northeast mayor, vice mayor collective sound, in response to poor investme

Investment in Shanhaiguan, however, is the voice of the Northeast China, which has seen its economic trend continue to slump in recent years. 19, four vice provincial cities of the Northeast mayor, vice mayor collective sound, in response to poor investme

[Abstract] according to the latest China national development and Reform Commission data, the first half of this year, the growth rate of GDP in Liaoning province has been from negative to positive, Jilin, Heilongjiang Province, two of GDP year-on-year gr

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