Shenzhen's new land plan has been released. 3 years later, housing supply has increased dramatically. 650 thousand sets of reporter Zhang Xiaoling Intern Lu Jingyang, Shenzhen, reported that this year's soil patrolling also confirms the principle of indus

The evening of November 26, 2017, Jin held a comprehensive screen - Jin 2017 Winter Conference in Shenzhen. As the Jin 2017 finale of the drama, this has released eight full screen mobile phone, covering the full price segment products and jin. This time

Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen, November 23, Li Tuo, a 32 year old citizen of Shenzhen, did not expect to have completed his wish for a few years - to live in a larger, nearer house, and he became the first three year long lease loan client of ccb. 22, repo

Land market AB face: former king is too cold? Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming, the delicate relationship between housing prices and land prices has been the focus of market hot debate. The real estate market regulation is gradually deepening, and is

Nandu news reporter Wang Muguang correspondent Huang Qihong Luohu customs bulletin on November 23rd, the seized on November 20th suspected of hiding, tied nearly 200 thousand yuan of U.S. dollars exit cases, the case has been transferred to the customs an

Counter attack is never a simple two word only. Last year, I met the junior high school classmate Xiao Li when I was waiting at the bus stop in the town. Mike is the youngest junior class, born 96 years, at that moment, not long, impressed by his 1 meters

What's the most expensive in twenty-first Century? The answer is - free stuff is the most expensive. What kind of scam has become commonplace for those who are under the banner of free but not safe?. Do you think in them free of wool, but others pull out

Recently, a video in the heat of the circle of friends, video recording of a violent attack in Shenzhen, the door to kiss the process. The incident occurred on November 18th, in the video, a man holding a big hammer to smash the photographer and the bride

Early in September this year, just released a new bike Mobell Mobell NewLite new light, after two months of waiting, this bike today on this bike finally on the line. The new shared bike uses ergonomic design and uses a new composite material. This genera

Legal Evening News (reporter Yue Sanmeng) - view news in August 31st this year, bribery over 80 million of the former vice mayor of Guangzhou Cao Kam Liao, the second instance upheld by life imprisonment, a fine of 2 million 500 thousand yuan. The news re

Shenzhen Luohu police today (November 16th) said the message, 12 am today, the Luohu brigade training machine cavalry in Xinyuan road duty, seized a car without changing the body color. Police on-site punishment according to law. After the news release, n

The "nail households" and "nail house" is the renovation of the city in the process of problem, must not say there are a lot of historical policy, just said that due to the effect of long-term project can not be started already brought immeasurable. Speak

Help people command reversing, but because of the blind spot in the driver was crushed to death. In November 8th 1 pm, sumou driving a heavy truck to Yuping Avenue Voeux Road, found in front of the elevated Co. not pass down the line to return. At this po

History is to capture the market variation, foreigners, Hongkong island near Shenzhen quietly set sail, but this weapon is not fire and opium, but Internet plus China brand. The | editor Yang Qiubo Yang Xuan | year profits do not turn a few, you feel shy

In the past October, the property market in Shenzhen has not changed greatly, but still maintain a stable turnover and a slight drop in prices. Record the latest data show that in October, Shenzhen a total turnover of 2792 residential units, an increase o

Nineteen once again clear "housing is not speculation" position and the "purchase rental and housing system, at present, around the housing rental policy frequent, such as North Canton line of big city is the first, made combined to accelerate the leasing

[post] November 13th news network reported embarrassed, sharing single emergence and development, further to solve the last mile travel pain points, and the green city construction is also a contribution. However, with the rapid growth of the number of bi

Nineteen again clear the "housing does not stir" positioning and "purchase and rent simultaneously housing system", at present, the rental housing policy frequent, North Canton this big city is the first to bear the brunt, to play a combination of boxing

The trend of wisdom Valley (ID:zgtrend) | Qingyan remember the coordinates: longitude, latitude 38° 115°. The world's first smart city will be born here. Since the year 757, the world's first big city of Changan in the fall of one thousand March, Z

The trend of wisdom Valley (ID:zgtrend) | Qingyan remember the coordinates: longitude, latitude 38° 115°. The world's first smart city will be born here. Since the year 757, the world's first big city of Changan in the fall of one thousand March, Z

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