Text | Morning Photo | IC Photo36 氪 Learned that the company has recently set up an office in São Paulo and launched a creator recruitment program to start recruiting in Brazil. It plans to complete the construction of a team of thousands of creators in the future. Faster hopes that Brazil will become the master outside China

Abstract: In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and the sinking of consumption, young people in the town have become the focus of attention. Live broadcast and short video are important cultural and entertainment consumption methods for young people in the town. So how do they present and construct their own images in live and short videos? This article is for live...

In front of a Rebecca, behind a Zhu once, a left uncle Kai, a half-Fo Xian on the right, the stage is Feng Rui Capital Li Feng in the speech, sitting under the Taobao live Zhao Yuanyuan … … What immortal? Of course, the annual content industry ladder - new

ZAKER Harbin reporter Gao Yunwen / photo / video shooting refers to the night show in the Northeast, usually everyone's first reaction is noisy! It’s not a two-person turn, it’s just a sing with a jump and a treasure, and there’s a big slam on the stage. I am so happy, I have to blow a bottle on the stage.

Abstract: Even if you return to the corpse, you may not be able to escape the seal. Image source @视觉中国文丨锌财经, author 丨 Zhou Xiongfei three stinky cobblers, played Zhuge Liang. What about those two? According to Zin Finance, on November 4th, an Ali PM was on the community platform.

Title map | Visual China Since the beginning of school, the school has been inspected almost every week. After two days, we will take the students to clean up. After the check, the student's behavior habits are still the same. This is the phenomenon described in an article published online by a rural language teacher a few days ago. The text complains about various formalisms and makes the poor

Indian girl Kajul sat on the tractor. The more people gathered next to him, family, neighbors, peers, and elders, everyone came to the farmland to watch Kajul. At this moment, Kajul became the star of the village under the focus of the media lens. Kajul is a

The original title "Tencent video's hot pot video was completely cut out. Tencent's short video strategy is moving from decentralization to concentration". It is considered to be Tencent's Salvation Army in the short video battlefield, even with the micro-vision, and it has ended up with the hot pot video. It took a year. Text | Gao Honghao Editor |

In this big background, the status of the praise, as a quick-handed auxiliary tool to undertake the task of helping users find more fast and exciting short video content, the logic is similar to the Taobao and Taobao shopping guide platform. Author | Zhou Yabo Editor | Li Wei with 300 million DAU as the target of the year, hatching

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