South Korean men's combination EXO member LAY (Zhang Yixing)'s first SOLO album "LOSECONTROL" at home and abroad has been concerned about the achievements of hi

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South Korean men's combination EXO member LAY (Zhang Yixing) will be released on the 28 day of the first SOLO album "LOSECONTROL". LAY will be

August 31st, millet held in Beijing ecological chain fall communication will, and released a series of new ecological chain. However, on the day before, the first "China Science and technology"

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Recently, as the music as a holding cool to win a lot of attention of the mobile phone circle.

In June 23rd, the media quoted informed sources reported that the team members of WINNER Song Minhao and iKON BOBBY will be announced the debut of SOLO members

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Kim Tae Yeon is about to return to SOLO

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Titanium points: from the point of view of the project investment projects, mostly for the lifestyle and consumption upgrade products. Huang Xiaoming said that the upgrading of the consumption upgrade and service, we focus on the direction of the layout i

On April 19, JYP entertainment responded to the relevant tanacu missa member Suzy solo debut issue, said the only miss a future planning in a ring.

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