This week the "Fami" game scores released, "such as 2" to get 37 points, successfully entered the platinum palace. "Star Wars: 2 on the front line of war" was followed by a high score of 33 points. The following is the specific score of each game: "PS4 2"

With the continuous fermentation of the krypton incident at Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA is not only in the cusp of public opinion, but also shares are down by 7% in a month. Recently, media coverage has been directed at Disney and its affiliated Lucas fil

Recently launched Star Wars: War front 2, because the krypton gold incident was pushed to the cusp, before the day before, EA temporarily removed the game within the micro trading system. According to the latest rumors, it was Star Wars IP owner Disney ur

Recently, EA is in dire straits and the game player condemnation, the reason is today (November 17th) officially launched the "Star Wars Battlefront 2" krypton gold purchase caused dissatisfaction, but on the other side, Blizzard announced the "StarCraft

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" has recently come to the forefront because of the high cost of unlocking heroes, and EA's response to this problem has not been accepted by players, and their replies have even become the most heavily ignored messages in Reddit h

"Star Wars: the last of the Jedi" next month will be released, the film will be the "Star Wars" series of the eighth film star wars story, maybe some powder will worry about the future of the series, but Disney tells us that these fears are unfounded. Luc

"Star Wars Battlefront 2" will be released next month, SONY recently announced the limited PS4 Slim/PS4 Pro suite, the package will be sold in Europe and america. As shown in the promotional video above, "Star Wars Battlefront 2" PS4 Pro Limited - ZAKER,

EA released a new episode of Star Wars: War front 2 at the Disney D23 show, showing some background settings and story outlines for the game campaign model. B station address, the players will play the imperial elite assassination squad, hell group, set i

Although the "Star Wars" that would not launch a war front 2 season tickets, everything will be free to update, but this does not mean that the game has no other place to make you money. Niklas Fegraeus, the design director, confirmed in media interviews

Just a few hours before the EA show, a nearly 12 minute Star Wars Battlefront 2 video was leaked online. This video is uploaded by YouTube host Mjolnir, and the demo platform is PC. Currently, the video has been featured in Y - ZAKER, personalized recomme

According to foreign media news, "Star Wars" series, starring 60 year old "Princess Leia" Kelly Fisher in the early Tuesday local time, her daughter 8:55 died.

Tencent entertainment news (text / Li Xiaoli) following the China star Jiang Wen and Donnie Yen starred in "a number of Star Wars: episode" after the news, we are very curious:

"Buy not buy" column is designed to guide, to provide a brief introduction of the game, the game version of the information and the Department of

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