Netease Entertainment reported on January 4 On January 3, the Air China official Weibo issued a notice in response to Air China employees' private disclosure of celebrity personal information. The notice said that netizens reported that there were Air China employees' personal Weibo content related to passenger information. After verification, the person involved is the country

Which serious New Year's Eve party have you seen? The opening performance is a "World of Warcraft" dance show? This is the most beautiful night of 2019 held by Bilibili (Station B). The New Year Party is like this, of course, it may only be the Party at Station B. New Year's Eve and Chinese New Year Party have always been major

"Hollywood" retired, but audiences who have watched the movie should be impressed by the strong hippie culture. The final climax of the movie is adapted from the infamous Manson Murder Case. In the American society at the time of the crime, hippies were a typical negative energy cultural symptom.

Do you still remember the clues of the new spokesperson for 2020 "True Dragon" for several days last week? The clues first started with the film emperor, then the singer, and later transformed into a chef in a variety show. The classic image in ordinary people's minds, he is more wearing sunglasses and stepping on the audio on one foot, and hit the center stage with excitement

Recently, many western netizens were surprised to find that a topical tag named Bai, which is not bad, suddenly became popular on the social platform Twitter. But when they were preparing to rip off the hashtag that was suspected of preaching white racism, they found it

Although the fans now yell for starting with face value, falling into talent, and being loyal to character, it seems that character is the most important quality for everyone to follow, but this sentence actually secretly shows the importance of face value to stars . Therefore, although the stars are already good enough, they still do everything possible

It's time to face it up. Movie winter. This year's hot words, regulars on the topic list, when these two words collided with the film and television industry, it was an overwhelming Xiao Suo breath. Group performances are not filming, and they are shooting together. The startup rate of the Hengdian film and television base has dropped. This year, the number of filming and production of TV...

Comics / Gao Yue aswl, wlsw, backward posting, pull & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; Rice circle, which is the collective name of fans for their star-chasing group, and some of them use abusive language and fabricate things online

The gold cup and silver cup are not as good as the word of mouth of ordinary people. This sentence can't be more appropriate when it comes to the award of Hongmao Liquor. A few days ago, at a press conference hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association of China, Hongmao Pharmaceutical was awarded the honorary title of Star Enterprise for Social Responsibility in 2018. As soon as the news came...

The following article is from Vista, and the author Chen Xiangxiang is reprinted with permission from Vista. The world has finally invited the guests. Although the new issue of "Tucao Conference" still dances in shackles, it can be counted as the first season. taste. The most fun is the game anchor PD

Image source @ 全景 视 视 文 丨 Mirror entertainment surprise! Zhang Ruoyu leaked the finale of Qing Yu Nian in advance! In fact, Ye Qingmei is the same person as Qing Emperor. When Ye Qingmei died, the soul crossed to Qing Emperor. We are a virtual game. In fact, the whole story is a plan of Chen Pingping, called Qingguo

The celebrities were surrounded by generations. As Hu Gezhen made the productions, Wu Jing rebuked the productions, and Xiao Zhan apologized because the productions disrupted the airport order. Events such as the filmed hot search, and the group re-entered people's vision. It has been hotly debated several times, but people know very little about this group: what exactly is acting on behalf of? do

Sina Technology News On the afternoon of December 26th, SkyEye showed that Beijing Perfect Creative Technology Co., Ltd., where the Internet medical beauty platform is more beautiful, was recently sued by Wang Ou, Liu Shishi, Li Yifeng, Zhang Yixing, Wang Yibo, Qin Lan, etc. All are infringement liability disputes.

Wei Ya came to Central Street to sell goods, with 400,000 red intestines and 600,000 ears of corn in one second ... Sales of nearly half a billion red intestines sold 400,000 corns in one second, and sold 600,000 ears of tourist routes. More than 2,000 orders ... 4450 sales in 4 hours

A mobile phone poster recently posted on the Internet caused a lot of chatter. . . Have many friends in this picture read it and noticed it? . . "Decorating the camera, trendy beauty", just ask you to show off? !! Don't say that Yuba style is indeed one of the major trends this year, but you must insist that Yuba is the trend

On December 24, some media took pictures of Ma Yizhen and his friends having a late night clubbing. During the party, Mayi walked alone to the gate and swiped his cell phone while smoking. Although holding a cigarette in one hand, it did not affect Ma Yizheng's mobile phone movement. I don't know what I saw

On December 24th, Fan Bingbing opened the cover of the new edition of Bazaar Magazine in Vietnam. In the photo, Fan Bingbing was wearing a pink candy outfit, and the exaggerated ring worn by her left index finger was particularly eye-catching. From the look and posture, they seemed very confident, calm and elegant. Actually, she looks so good

Source: Burning Technology Burning Technology December 24th Hongmao Medicinal Liquor, which has caused public controversy, has recently won an award. According to media reports, on December 21, at the 2019 China Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation and Development Forum hosted by the China Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

It looks like a fabrication, but it really happened. According to media reports, on December 21, the 2019 China Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation and Development Forum cum "Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Corporate Social Responsibility Report" conference hosted by the Chinese Medicine Association of China

Recently, I also saw someone asking Chen ’s article 咋 has not been published, sister, are you a 2G network? After the demon sister wrote, she was complained and deleted by your sister Chen. The speed of Chen Chen holding the identity card to bomb the building should not be underestimated ~ When the demon sister remembered that she mentioned her good sister Amandazhuzhu

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