The friends who like to watch anime believe that they have all seen the kind of anime with a huge name, so have you seen a game with a huge name? Recently, a Chinese-made exotic game with a name that broke the sky has landed on Steam. Let's take a look. Burning Rainbow: Hydrangea and the sister you will catch are old

At TGA 2019, the War Machine Tactical Squad added a new promotional video, and the official release date of the game was announced: April 28, 2020. Gears of War Tactical Squad debuted in 2018, but missed the 2019

In the new week (11.25 ~ 12.1), the Steam sales list is released. The Halo: Master Chief Collection has been officially released, which has become the game with the highest sales volume this week. In addition, the Halo Zhiyuan Star, which was sold separately, also won the fifth Grades. With half-life series VR

After the release of "Halo: Towards the Star" on December 3, Microsoft posted that 3 million players log in to the game through PC and XBOX platform, refreshing the best sales of XBOX games on Steam platform. In June of this year, Microsoft announced

Halo Reaching Stars has landed on Xbox One as the DLC of the Halo Master Chief Collection on December 3, 2019, and has debuted on the Windows 10 and Steam platforms as the first work of the PC version of the Master Chief Collection.

With the start of a new season for Destiny 2, today's developer Bungie has released Destiny 2: Upgrade on Steam. This upgraded version includes the Destiny 2 game body + year three and year two DLC, currently 33% discount promotion, after the national area discount

A few days ago, the escape 17 developer Team17 officially announced its new survival sandbox game "The Survivalists". The background of the game is set in the "Escape" universe. This game is supported. Four people can be connected locally or online to learn about it together.

EGS's exclusive one-year period ends, and Hades has officially landed on Steam today as an "Early Access". At the time of writing, the game has received 107 user reviews on Steam, of which 96% are positive, and the overall score is "extra positive". This is

CAPCOM has released a new trailer for "Rockman ZERO / ZX Legacy Collection", which mainly introduces the red hero's various moves in X and ZX. By the time of the release date, players will be able to relive the variety Adventure. Video address book for 2020

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Recently, a U.S. congressman formally admitted in federal court that he had misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. The politician, Duncan Hunt, has been defending entertainment such as movies and video games during his past years in office.

I believe that everyone here is no stranger to Epic Game Mall. We have previously reported that Epic Game Mall has launched an official Weibo. Recently, Epic Game Mall ’s official blog launched a questionnaire survey to understand the needs of domestic players and determine Epic Game Store

Good weekend everyone, Dr. X is back again ~ There are a lot of hot game events this week. I ca n’t say a sentence or two. Let ’s go with Dr. X ’s hot tour information this week to see what happens. Focus: 800 million in station B won the exclusive broadcast right of the S game for three years

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Speaking of the Three Kingdoms, old players must be no strangers. Since the first generation of "Three Kingdoms" was launched on the PC platform in 1985, 13 generations of works have been released by 2016, and it is also the longest-lived video game department

The PC version of R Star ’s classic 3A masterpiece, Wilderness Redemption 2 has been on the market for some time, but many PC players have been waiting for the Steam version to go live. Today, Red Dead Redemption 2 officially opens pre-order on Steam

Recently, the publisher of action game Rune 2 Ragnarok Game officially sued Human Head, the original developer of the game, and sued the company for not providing access to the assets of Rune 2 game, and its actions were full of fraud. And malicious

The highly anticipated PC version of Halo: Zhiyuanxing has been officially unlocked for sale on the Steam platform. The national price is 37 yuan and supports simplified Chinese. The current evaluation is mostly positive, with a positive rate of 78%. Interested players should not miss it. . Your browser does not support the video

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprinting] Recently, the official Weibo post of Riding and Chopping Chinese Station announced that the early experience version of "Riding and Chopping 2: Overlord" has been priced at $ 59.99 in the Steam US (About RMB 422), the same

In the Steam Autumn Promotion, Steam handles were sold at a discount, but many netizens reported that the handles they purchased had been cut for no reason, causing heated discussions. Eurogamer reported today that V agency issued a follow-up email explaining the reason for canceling the handle order. . In the message

Solution to the error report after the Jedi survival update Many friends have the problem that the game cannot enter and the game reports an error after updating the Jedi survival. So how to solve this problem? Let ’s introduce the detailed solution to everyone! There are many ways to solve application exceptions.

Local time on Tuesday, a U.S. congressman admitted in federal court that he had misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds. The funds were used illegally for "personal use and enjoyment", including the purchase of Steam games. Politician named Duncan D. Hunter

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