The winter sale has just passed, and now G Fat is eyeing the New Year's money of domestic players. Recently, according to Keygun (formerly Steamcn) boss Pinkgun, this year's Steam Spring Festival special offer will open at 2 am on January 24th, and last

After more than ten days of player voting, the 2019 Steam Awards were finally announced in the early hours of January 1, Beijing time. Wolf: Shadows Twice wins Steam's Game of the Year award after winning TGA Game of the Year in 2019

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am your Zheng Jing brother. Last time, I saw that the IGN score and player word of mouth are polarized, and recently I found that IGN will also have low ratings and high sales. Then I will come with you to see what games are sold by

This article brings you crazy transportation 2 Introduction to the special map opening method, players in need to take a look at it, I hope to help everyone. Transport Fever 2 Open the special map method location is corresponding to the genuine Transport Fever 2 steam version. Open first

The following is a solution for portal 2's online flashback. Many players believe that they will often encounter flashbacks when playing Portal 2 online, so how to solve it? Let's take a look. Portal 2 Online Flashback Solutions at a Glance Most of the reasons for online flashback are due to the ID

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] It is reported that the new horror PC game "Araha" developed by the Korean game development company INIGAMES will be officially launched on the Steam platform on January 6, 2020. "Araha

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am Zheng Jing boy. Compared with the fairy fights of previous years, the upcoming 2019 is really not a big game year. The collective pull of European and American manufacturers has become the main reason for the glow of the games of the major Japanese factories during the year, but E

Because of the success of Online, "GTA V" once again jumped into the Steam Country's 2019 Best-Selling Platinum List. In fact, not only Steam, but media statistics have found that GTA V also ranks 74th in the US game TOP20 sales charts

Image source @unsplash 文 | TangLangFin , Author | Programming prodigal Tencent Video's "Qing Yu Nian" was first written by various netizens because of the VVIP incident, and then was leaked out of the complete episode. The outflow of piracy makes some

The following is an introduction to the entry method of the death cell test version. How to enter the death cell test b? Let's take a look. Dead cell test version entry method list The test version has a test and b test respectively; a test is equivalent to a demo of new content, often BUG, ​​delete

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Zheng game, I am your Zheng Jing brother. Epic's mall has always started a weekly free game with a welfare activity. Recently, this activity has been upgraded again, and a free game is provided every day for 12 consecutive days. There are many kinds of masterpieces, and I ca n’t help but sigh: I ’m really sorry

The Epic Mall debuted at the TGA 2018 awards ceremony, a year ago. Epic unveiled its first trailer, announcing several exclusive indie games. Although the sales of these games are not bad, they are not attractive enough for most people, and most of them

The last wave of winter sales of Steam "End of Year Three" has begun this morning. From today until January 2, 2020 Central Time, a large number of games on the Steam platform will be discounted. In addition, the special event "Steam

[17173 News reports, please indicate the source for reprint] On December 19th, NEOWIZ GAMES announced that the early access version of its music game "DJMAX RESPECT V" was launched on Steam. 《DJMAX RESPECT

The much-anticipated TGA 2019 is about to open, and Steam has also opened the annual TGA sale as usual. In addition to the many games that have been nominated by TGA in this TGA 2019, the scope of this TGA sale also includes from 20

In the new week (12.9 ~ 12.15), the Steam sales chart has been released, and Halo: Master Chief Collection has topped the weekly sales chart for the second consecutive week. "Red Dead Redemption 2" landed on the Steam platform for only a week, and began the first discount, successfully winning the second place in the sales list, and

The friends who like to watch anime believe that they have all seen the kind of anime with a huge name, so have you seen a game with a huge name? Recently, a Chinese-made exotic game with a name that broke the sky has landed on Steam. Let's take a look. Burning Rainbow: Hydrangea and the sister you will catch are old

At TGA 2019, the War Machine Tactical Squad added a new promotional video, and the official release date of the game was announced: April 28, 2020. Gears of War Tactical Squad debuted in 2018, but missed the 2019

In the new week (11.25 ~ 12.1), the Steam sales list is released. The Halo: Master Chief Collection has been officially released, which has become the game with the highest sales volume this week. In addition, the Halo Zhiyuan Star, which was sold separately, also won the fifth Grades. With half-life series VR

After the release of "Halo: Towards the Star" on December 3, Microsoft posted that 3 million players log in to the game through PC and XBOX platform, refreshing the best sales of XBOX games on Steam platform. In June of this year, Microsoft announced

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