In the early hours of December 12th, Beijing time, Bayern defeated Tottenham 3-1 in the Champions League group stage to advance to the group knockout. After the match, South Korean fans uploaded Sun Xingyi's performance in the bench in this game. In the 33rd minute of the game, Eriksson passed the ball to Sissoko on the right.

Tiger flutter December 9th After Spurs defeated Burnley 5-0, Mourinho was interviewed by the media. In the interview, he revealed that he had exchanges with former Manchester United coach Ferguson, and Ferguson was still talking The impact of Park Ji-sung on his team. Mourinho mentioned: I

Sun Xingxuan talked about defense and had a clear attitude. In the past weekend, Sun Xingxuan scored a shocking super-strike ball. After the game, the Korean man was sought after by the media. Mourinho you need to invest more defense, right? Facing such problems,

Tiger flapping December 8th According to the Korean media "Seoul Economic Daily" reported that the fastest speed in the first half of Sun Xingyi's match against Burnley against Spurs reached 33.41km / h, which is from this 73 meters Run with the ball. According to Korean media, if you convert 70 meters to 10

Mu Shuai's eyes are like a 5-0 victory over Tottenham. Sun Xingyi, Kane, Sissoko and others have made achievements. It is worth mentioning that Mourinho's prediction has become the focus of much discussion. Sun Xingye's counterattack goal in this field is a classic game. Sun Xingye scored a 73-meter long-distance attack on a dragon ball.

After the Champions League eliminated Manchester City in the first half of this year, Mourinho once said: Sun Xingzheng is very threatening, and no one did better than Sun Xingzheng immediately after his own ball. After Tottenham's 5-0 victory over Burnley, Mourinho praised Sun Xingyi again, saying that Sun Xingyi is Sun Nardo today

Premier League Tottenham defeated Burnley 5-0 in this round, and South Korean star Sun Xingchi scored an extremely wonderful one-stop goal. After Sun Xingyi's goal, all the fans at home stood up to applaud him.

In Tottenham's game against Burnley, Sun Xingzheng scored a very wonderful personal one-stop goal, which made people see that it was enthusiastic and thrilling. On the Internet, major experts, famous places and fans have given praise to the Asian king, boasting that he is a possession of Messi. This goal has not been seen for 10 years.

In the 16th round of the Premier League, Tottenham beat Burnley 5-0. Sun Xingye scored a super exciting long-distance running goal. In an interview after the game, Sun Xingye said: I originally wanted to pass to Ali, but found that I couldn't find him, so I had to move on.

Tottenham's 5-0 victory over Burnley, Sun Xingyi scored a long-distance attack that is the best goal in the Premier League this season. After the final whistle sounded, Sun Xingyu ran to the ball to hold the ball as soon as possible. Obviously today's goal is also a precious memory for himself. He wants to collect the game ball. However, Mu Shuai

Sun Xinghuan was praised Sun Xinghuan became one of Tottenham's most shining superstars. His 73-meter goal in one run made him the target of the media. After Sun Xingye scored this wonderful ball, the British media "Daily Mail" played the front page Sun Xingye scored a wonderful "Messi style" goal! This

Spurs lost 1-2 away to Manchester United in the mid-League season, Mourinho coached Tottenham's first defeat, Mourinho and Tottenham's honeymoon period seems to end early. However, in the weekend league, Tottenham used a 5-0 victory at home to declare that the team is still in good shape. The leading player in this victory is South Korean star Sun Xingye.

Asian King and South Korean superstar Sun Xingchi scored a stunning goal in this round of the league. He ran for 90 yards from the backcourt, shook off seven defensive players, and then scored the goal, making Messi, Ronaldo possesses. After the game, the global media and fans sent him congratulations and praise. Do not

On December 7, Beijing time, Tottenham beat Burnley in the Premier League. South Korean player Sun Xingye contributed an excellent goal to Tottenham. This single-mile goal has made fans all over the world. Crazy for it, not only the celebrities in the Premier League blew rainbow farts, but the celebrities in China couldn't help but sigh

At 3:30 am on December 5, Beijing time, in the 15th round of the Premier League, Tottenham lost to Manchester United 1-2 away, and suffered Mourinho's first defeat after taking office. However, South Korean player Sun Xingchi still performed well in this game, especially he had three people in the penalty area, so that

Sun Xingyi ranked 22nd in the 2019 Golden Globes. In the early morning of December 3rd, Beijing time, "French Football" successively announced the 2019 Golden Globes ranking. Asian player Sun Xingdai ranked 22nd, creating the highest ranking of Asian players' Golden Globes. This is a lapse of 12

Tiger flapping December 1st At 23:00 Beijing time on November 30th, the 14th round of the 2019-2020 Premier League continues, Tottenham Hotspur face Bournemouth at home. In the first half, Sun Xingyi assisted Ali to shoot an empty goal, Sanchez scored

After Mourinho coached Tottenham, although Sun Xingzheng's position is still a left forward, the left wing under Mourinho's tactical system seems more suitable for Sun Xingyuan to play. In the league last weekend, Sun Xingzheng made one goal and one assist. Outstanding performance, his two assists helped Tottenham beat Bournemouth 3-2

Tottenham's official website posted a very interesting video. After the UEFA Champions League 4-2 reversal of Olympiacos, Mu Shuai gave a high-five with opponent players in the player channel, but did not see Sun Xingyi around him. Sun Xingchi tried to high-five with Mu Shuai three times, but he was ignored. Thanks to Olympiacos players

Sun Xingmin was insulted by South Korea's genius. Recently, a negative news appeared in South Korean football. A South Korean national youth player publicly devalued South Korean ace player Sun Xingyun on social networking sites. South Korean national youth player Cui Xi originally took a taxi. When the driver learned that he was a player, the two talked about football. Talking about

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