Chengdu daily news November 27th, November 22nd afternoon, a video length of 3 minutes and 3 seconds in the southwest of Luzhou city bus station next to the hidden fraud dens of the popular online video, at least 5 people pass by a shop door, put ZAKER in

Before always remind owners, the door must be locked, but someone on this smell business opportunities, intimate to the car on the password lock. A little fan is stuck on the handle, which is hot enough to fan. The service is too warm! Thank you very much

Speaking of the tomb, both "Tomb notes" or ancient tomb group who is full of mysterious exciting ghoul, tomb plot always makes you talked about. In the evening of November 23rd, Hangzhou Tonglu police successfully captured a tomb robber, cracked a series

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xiao Wu, is a dog person. Little white was the first stray dog he ever adopted. When little white came, he was only two months old, very thin. Xiao Wu has added to it to take care of home, good will it a cup of soup, cold weather also sp

The police will suspect Gao escorted to the police station. Ning Gongxuan photo Beijing, Nanjing in November 17, 17 days, the reporter learned from the Nanjing city police, traffic police, the city was dragged rolling in the night when the suspect vehicle

Someone with your friends, but he (she) is not your friend, or your relatives and colleagues, so you begin to imagine this may be the fate of God ~ Shenzhen female programmers Ms. Wang met online a male friends, know less than a month was borrowed more th

November 1, 2017, line 1 subway, passengers bustling. On the seat, a black man was playing with his mobile phone. His fingertips were flying across the screen. During the period, he looked up and looked around. Suddenly, a clatter, a pair of shiny handcuf

A human skin mask made of silicone can make people instantly change face. This is often in the "mission impossible" and other Hollywood blockbusters in Rongshu, unexpectedly also occurred in the us. According to Chutian Metropolis Daily reported on Novemb

November 1, 2017 at 3 pm, Hongshan District Public Security Bureau police station north has received two victim alarm, said home stolen property, criminal investigation police investigation quickly, and video tracking. According to the characteristics of

Source: Beijing Youth Daily retreat change raises major information disclosure fraud involving Airlines airlines website hacking illegal invasion more than 50 civil aviation company website, steal the passenger ticket information, and then use the informa

According to the morning news reported on 11 Mongolia, armed men drink 3 killed, after gaiminghuanxing married also suddenly became a labor contractor. In November 10th, the Xingan Meng Public Security Bureau released the news that the police recently cra

In order to crack down on excavation, theft, reselling, smuggling and other crimes related to cultural relics, and effectively protect the national cultural security, November 10th, Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant, the public wanted second ba

Pictured Jinggu County Public Security Bureau narcotics seized. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, Kunming, November 6, (Han Shuainan) 6 reporters from Yunnan City Public Security Bureau was informed that recently, Pu'er police cracked 3 narcotics in 5 consecutive

In November 2nd, the Ministry of public security through its official website news release, the unified leadership of the central anti-corruption coordination group, in five years, the public security organs through the "fox hunting action" from more than

The Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Zhai Yingwei Lin Qingzhi) two had caught several times after the thief, because the police did not evidence and I refused to explain but was put back, one of them even at home on the "criminal law" and "Crim

According to the "Datong" Evening News reported on November 1st, (Shanxi Datong) recently, the Zuoyun police cracked the insurance claim for plotting to cause traffic accidents, together with others, deliberately killed his son's case, arrested two suspec

Modern Express News (reporter Gao) recently, Suzhou Wujiang police received a strange alarm situation. Mr. Zhao said the alarm, his car nearly five thousand yuan cash inexplicably disappeared. After the alarm, Shengze Public Security Bureau immediately ar

The Kandongsee / see micro signal: kandongsee today, foreign media have reported a very shocking case. The mirror... The sun... Buzzfeed... The daily mail... The details of the case, people on this ZAKER, personalized recommendation and hot news, local me

October 10th, Sichuan, Meishan Hongya County Public Security Bureau staff confirmed to the surging news, in the crime scene to leave a note called (theft) is a life force criminal suspects, Kwak has been arrested. Kwak left a note at the scene of the crim

October 10th, Sichuan, Meishan Hongya County Public Security Bureau staff confirmed to the surging news, in the crime scene to leave a note called (theft) is a life force criminal suspects, Kwak has been arrested. Kwak left a note at the scene of the crim

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