On October 30th, the US military M2A2 Bradley armored vehicle was loaded onto the US Air Force's C-17 transport aircraft at the base of Ali Al Salem in Kuwait and transported to northeastern Syria. These troops will be used to occupy Syria. Oil in the northeast

On Monday morning, a suicide bomber exploded a tubular soil bomb in the middle of the busy subway tunnel in Manhattan. Explosions echoed in the city on the road, causing traffic chaos and thousands of passengers were frightened, in smoke filled tunnels in

[global network military December 1st Global Times reporter Guo Yuandan] China will send special forces to Syria? In November 30th the Department of defense held a regular press conference, director of the information bureau, Department of Defense spokesm

Before, the author (Miles) once introduced a Archer of Poland (Archer) retired special forces, participated in the Kurdish armed attack extremist organization Islamic state. In order to thank Miles for his report, Archer sent to Miles - ZAKER, personalize

Q: according to foreign unconfirmed reports, Syria presidential advisor Shaaban recently visited Chinese, China agreed to send special forces to fight against the snow leopard in Syria East Turkistan militants. Can you prove it? Answer: last week, foreign

The day before near to Syria -22M3, escort Su -30SM pilots were super close-up shots of the night of 26 November, video footage of the Russian Defense Ministry once again issued 6 stand -22M3 to Syria bombing IS took off from local armed targets. This is

This is a showcase of advanced weapons and tactics under the modernization of the armed forces in Russia in the summer. Because of secrecy, at least three months later, the generals from all over Russia were directly aware of the changes brought by the ad

Data figure: Syria, USA, Xinhua news agency, Moscow, November 23, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said at a regular press conference on 23, the U.S. military identity in Syria has been close to the occupation army. Zaha Lo Va on the same day

Such a group of girls, their life when the best time, but improper supermodel, do not go to college, but the doctor...... carry guns, pick up shells, open tanks, rushed to the battlefield of the incarnation of ISIS Gunfire licks the heavens., playing mand

[Li Huanyu] compilation / observer network in November 21st, Iran announced the same day, the Iraqi Islamic extremist groups in the country (IS) has been destroyed by IS, destroyed years of Syria and Iraq seems to have seen the dawn of peace and reconstru

Data figure: Trump and Putin [Global Times correspondent in the United States Zhang Penghui Global Times special correspondent] is on the second day in the meeting after the sudden visit of Syria's president Bashar, Russian President Putin and U.S. Presid

[global network reported] according to the Russian satellite news agency news November 22nd, on the same day, Russia, Turkey and the Iran summit meeting in Sochi. After the meeting, the joint declaration was issued by the heads of state of the three count

Data figure: the spread of the network and the U.S. Striker Humvee Reference News Network November operations in the territory of Syria reported 21 Reuters in November 13 reported that U.S. Secretary of defense Matisse said, as long as Syria's Islamic sta

Data figure: Russian Embassy in Syria Xinhua News Agency Moscow November 20, Russian Foreign Ministry issued a proclamation 20 days, strongly condemned the Russian Embassy in Syria was a terrorist attack on the same day. The announcement said that around

The Russian army will remain in Syria for 70 years. What about the US Army? After the armed IS in Mosul, La, Miami D area were destroyed, now in the IS armed Iraq and Syria have been wiped out, is the point the day and await for it. But the whereabouts of

Data figure: Syria Dutch act the site of attack on 17 November, Damascus - Xinhua (reporter Zheng Yihan Che Hongliang) according to Syria media reported on 17, the organization of the Islamic extremist members of the day in the eastern Syria Deir ezzor pr

Data figure: the Islamic state extremist militants [global network reported] according to the Russian satellite news agency reported on November 16th, Syria's military sources said the agency of satellite communications, Syria's military found a large num

Data figure: Syria Russian [global network Roundup] according to the Russian satellite network reported on November 10th, Russian troops stationed in Syria commander admiral Sergei Surovikin said that Russian troops are stationed in Syria to concentrate o

Local time on November 6th, Syria terrorists detonated remote control bombs, wounding 5 Russian officers and soldiers, in addition, 4 Russian reporters were also injured in the explosion. According to Itar TASS reported that Russian Defense Ministry news

Data figure: the Syrian army has been completely liberated IS occupy in the territory of the Syrian Deir ezzor a major city last 3 AFP quoted the Syrian state television news release said the Syrian army has been completely liberated in Syria IS occupies

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