Xu Zishan's recent announcement to withdraw from the entertainment industry has attracted a lot of booing. On the one hand, the news came suddenly, on the other hand, her withdrawal was very decisive. After the contract with TVB was not renewed in 2015, Xu Zishan suddenly ran abroad to study, and the production of film and television production was greatly reduced. She nevertheless broke

Hello, darlings, cute and beautiful sheep are here! Early in the morning, Xu Zishan was surprised by the news that she would quit the entertainment industry. There may be little cute people who don't quite know who Xu Zishan is, and the sheep first put a picture to awaken Daga's sleeping memories. Miss Hong Kong 2004-Xu Zishan is still quite recognizable,

Tonight Christmas Eve, I hope everyone has a warm and happy memory! When I read the news in the morning in the morning, when I saw Xu Zishan's announcement to withdraw from the entertainment industry, she froze. Not to say how shocked the official announcement was, after all, since 2015 and TVB no longer renewed the contract and resumed running to study

Xu Zishan has withdrawn from the entertainment industry? ? Early this morning, the young girl was shocked by the news ... In the declaration of withdrawal, Xu Zishan said that she had lived for the image for many years; at the age of 40, she was ready to give herself a courage to return to ordinary people. life. News of this exit

When it comes to Lin Fengwei's cousin Lin Xiawei, many people's first impression is Bai Fumei. The Lin family is prominent, plus 15 years of marriage to a financial talent of more than 2 billion financial junior Mo Zansheng, the two live in a billion mansion after marriage, the whole is a 壕 + 壕 combination, the scenery is unlimited. But recently Lin Xiawei and Mo

The following article comes from Hong Kong's Shenpa Jun. The author's high-ranking Tvb high-level we only cherished sister, Miss Le, and later added a Yu Yushan at most. But do you know that there is a big boss behind TVB called Shell King Chen Guoqiang? However, there are rumors that TVB will have major changes. Shell King intends to sell

Recently, in the TVB late-night rebroadcast episode "The New King of Law", Gao Junwen, who has often played a judge in the TVB series, has continued to act as the "old man" in the "New King of Law". Worked for TVB and Hong Kong TV in the past 40 years, but few in recent years

According to a report on December 16, according to the Hong Kong Wenhui website, Li Baoan, the chief executive officer of the Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Corporation (TVB) Group, sent a letter to employees on the 16th stating that the company needs to reorganize some business processes to increase cost-effectiveness and will lay off approximately 350 people. . The company will do it by law

TVB will lay off thousands of people at the end of the year. Netease Entertainment reported on December 13 According to Hong Kong media, the management of the radio parent company ’s TV broadcaster will secure nearly a thousand employees by the end of this month, and a quarter of them may be laid off. Television Broadcasting (TVB) Chief Executive Officer Li Baoan Reply: More Fake Small (Less)

Netease Entertainment reported on December 12. According to Hong Kong media reports, TVB will lay off nearly 1,000 people at the end of the month, with the production department and variety group having the biggest impact. It is reported that there are currently about 4,000 TVB employees, and a small number of artists have been laid off some time ago. Some media interviewed TVB about this

The following article comes from Hong Kong ’s Shenpa Jun. Recently, the author ’s TVB drama “Multifunctional Wife” has officially launched. Zhu Chenli plays the doctor ’s wife Hong Yongcheng in the play. There are many sexy performances! In the play, Hong Yongcheng is a stable, mature and practical rich second generation, while Zhu Chenli is a bit of a passionate and passionate...

Do you remember the children who imitate Li Jiaqi and sell stationery? Oh my god, it's so smooth! A duck shit green, a bloodless white, is really a perfect match! This dictionary is really rotten tomato, my mother, it ’s so easy to check. The texture is very light and thin, I ca n’t remember it.

The following article comes from Hong Kong ’s Shenpa Jun, the author Shen Wenrou ’s entertainer Shan Wenrou and Chen Zhanpeng ’s sweet daughter, Quinta, who is already half a year old and busy with her husband ’s godmother ’s daughter, have recently appeared on the occasion of the first anniversary of her wedding. I uploaded the music video I shot for the wedding last year, and then...

TVB news female anchors have always been loved by everyone. From time to time, Internet users have been rated as goddess levels. Huang Wanman, Zheng Cuiwen, Zhou Jiayi and others have unfortunately left the nest one after another. Currently, Zhang Wencai, who is the only one in the TVB anchor industry, has the strength Official departure from TVB in the evening news on November 25

TVB fans in Hong Kong must know that TVB has a pair of twin brothers Zhou Zhiwen and younger brother Zhou Zhikang. They appeared in the first "Super Sound" and they looked similar to copy and paste, and even wireless could not distinguish the two brothers. Many viewers first saw both of them on TV

In the previous Hong Kong sister elections, everyone knows that in addition to the top three, in fact, other players are also in good condition. Today, Ami is going to say that Liu Qiqi, the player who lost the election that year. In fact, Liu Qiqi's appearance is more in line with Hong Kong-style aesthetic standards, giving people a very capable feeling, very professional women's style. Do not

Nowadays, many Hong Kong actors have been singers at the beginning of their debut. After they have made some achievements in the music world, they have turned to the film and television drama circle and started acting. This includes many TVB actors, such as Li Longji. Speaking of the name of this person, you may not be very familiar, but like watching TVB TV series.

Who is the most proud star in this time? I nominate TVB actor Chen Shancong! why? Because Chen Shancong’s double happiness, it’s even possible that Sanxi is coming. The first is that a Hong Kong drama starring him broke out, that is, "Golden Mansion". This drama is a suspense subject, although I am not available (do not dare)

To say that this year's hottest Hong Kong drama, "Golden Mansion" must have a name. The lineup of this drama was not optimistic at first, but I did not expect it to be the biggest explosion of TVB this year. This is Chen Shancong's first time as a leading actor, and he achieved a good score of 8.4 points, which successfully allowed him to sit firmly in the position of a small student. Chen...

The following article is from Hong Kong, Shen Jun, the author of the singer Jun has to say that TVB is a place to build a star has been a lot of flowers, but the big stars have big stars, the aura of small actors and small actors, indeed, this is to say A TVB 10,000-year-old supporting actor, Wang Lin’s wave of stills, came to ask

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