In the previous Hong Kong sister elections, everyone knows that in addition to the top three, in fact, other players are also in good condition. Today, Ami is going to say that Liu Qiqi, the player who lost the election that year. In fact, Liu Qiqi's appearance is more in line with Hong Kong-style aesthetic standards, giving people a very capable feeling, very professional women's style. Do not

Nowadays, many Hong Kong actors have been singers at the beginning of their debut. After they have made some achievements in the music world, they have turned to the film and television drama circle and started acting. This includes many TVB actors, such as Li Longji. Speaking of the name of this person, you may not be very familiar, but like watching TVB TV series.

Who is the most proud star in this time? I nominate TVB actor Chen Shancong! why? Because Chen Shancong’s double happiness, it’s even possible that Sanxi is coming. The first is that a Hong Kong drama starring him broke out, that is, "Golden Mansion". This drama is a suspense subject, although I am not available (do not dare)

To say that this year's hottest Hong Kong drama, "Golden Mansion" must have a name. The lineup of this drama was not optimistic at first, but I did not expect it to be the biggest explosion of TVB this year. This is Chen Shancong's first time as a leading actor, and he achieved a good score of 8.4 points, which successfully allowed him to sit firmly in the position of a small student. Chen...

The following article is from Hong Kong, Shen Jun, the author of the singer Jun has to say that TVB is a place to build a star has been a lot of flowers, but the big stars have big stars, the aura of small actors and small actors, indeed, this is to say A TVB 10,000-year-old supporting actor, Wang Lin’s wave of stills, came to ask

In the case of Hong Kong's amendments, Hong Kong's TVB news (TVB) has always been seen as a thorn in the eye because it has not escorted atrocities. TVB applied to the Hong Kong High Court for a temporary injunction on the 28th of last month to protect employees and property. November 1st

TVB is not old man, his wife has been spit out too ugly! The two have been together for 5 years and still sweet! In the TVB of Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoyu, and Ma Guoming, he really couldn’t afford to win the ratings. But he took more than 70 Hong Kong operas in 20 years. ZAKER, personalized recommendation hot news , local authoritative media information

Since the Hong Kong revisions, there have been mobs who have dissuaded different opinions, and some media that have reported facts have become their eyes. Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (Wireless TV, TVB) posted an announcement on its official website on October 28, saying that it had personally recommended popular news, local authoritative media information to the original court...

Now, TVB started out, women can't play the edge ball. The Television Broad-casts Limited of Hongkong, Television Broadcasts, called TVB, the cultural and political influence in Hongkong, can be no exaggeration to say, it is the most influential broadcast

Yesterday, accompanied by numerous after 70 after the growth of radio television Hongkong (TVB), ushered in the 50 birthday, Hongkong city held in Tseung Kwan O TV star million TV show. TVB have fifty? A few days ago, when money reporter and Xing Jinsha c

Good morning friends! And every morning, if you know him (her), you're old! Long time no see, once you, now okay? Today to introduce the 2000 TVB version of the TV series "concubine Yang" in the protagonist, is Yang. Yang Gui - ZAKER, personalized recomme

Good morning friends! And every morning, if you know him (her), you're old! Long time no see, once you, now okay? Today to introduce the 2000 TVB version of the TV series "concubine Yang" in the protagonist, is Yang. Yang Gui - ZAKER, personalized recomme

Leave the TVB five years of Jessica Hsuan, recently return to the public eye, by "don't understand" spoiled woman, "2" apostle Walker began to frequently appear on the big screen. The 46 year old Jessica Hsuan attended the "don't know" spoiled woman still

Fan said: good hungry good hungry, I'm really hungry. (the | month dragons, authorized business scope issued) after years of practice, the author found that many drama, TVB drama "efficacy is very good. The most terrible place is that not only allows you

The visual China news TVB thousands of t'ai - star last night (19 days) held in Tseung Kwan O TV city in Taiwan, on the grand debut. The picture is Li Shihua. (from: visual Chinese) Li Shihua playing during the high leg, sexy. (from: - ZAKER, personalized

October 2nd, TVB famous actor Tavia Yeung, Him Law in Hongkong big marriage. The groom's brother dressed in a Chinese style dress very spiritual style, beautiful bride. When the kiss, the two generous kiss, very happy and sweet. The wedding guest lineup a

Biography Linda Chung has given birth to the baby, according to Hongkong media reports, 32 year old Linda Chung at the end of last year and wireless

Anthony Wong [star attitude] NetEase entertainment August 5th report (text / Li Peishan video / Bing Shao

It is said that the recent film is very bad, look at the score, eight, one second look at the 3.3 points

Yesterday, once with the little girl loved TVB (ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ &hel

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