At the China-Japan Youth Ambassador Salon held in Beijing on December 8th, Ai Fukuhara exposed the fun caused by speaking Dongbei dialect at home, and demonstrated the free switch between Dongbei dialect and Taiwan accent. Fukuhara loved to say that when she said "ku ǎ i" to her husband at home, her husband asked with a question mark on his face.

Taiwan took the opportunity to dig Hong Kong teachers and students. Hong Kong's amendments are still going on, and Taiwan wants to take the opportunity to absorb Hong Kong teachers and students. According to Taiwan’s “China Times” reported on the 21st, Taiwan’s Minister of Education, Pan Wenzhong, revealed that Taiwan’s students are studying for a degree or short-term training in Hong...

The picture shows the spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Ma Xiaoguang, overseas network, November 13th. On the morning of November 13, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference. Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, answered questions from reporters on hot issues such as cross-strait political...

Tigers on November 4th Today, the relevant state departments jointly issued "Several Measures to Further Promote Cross-Strait Economic and Cultural Exchanges and Cooperation", which mentioned that Taiwan athletes can participate in the mainland football professional leagues with domestic aid. Eligible clubs can also participate in the mainland professional league. With

Former KMT legislator Qiu Yi (source: the rating agency) [global network reported] Taiwan area before the legislature passed the amendment, some provisions of the referendum law in Chinese, former KMT legislator Qiu Yi respondents said that although from

CCTV news: Recently, a large cross-border telecommunications fraud in Beijing second intermediate people's court, first trial declared. 85 of the 85 members of the swindle group came from Taiwan, including the principal offender. Under the guard of law, 8

[the observer network] according to Taiwan media reported in December 22nd, according to the Taiwan Pro independence protests Japan dictionary "wide garden" will be a speech in Taiwan Province in the Chinese issue, "the publisher Iwanami shoten wide speec

Dare to search for her in Taiwan tomorrow? I tell her. This is the chairman of the new party Youth Committee Wang Bingzhong on the morning of 19 Taiwan Bureau of investigation to Yishe in violation of national security law is away, Taiwan netizen attached

The PLA Air Force has recently been carried away through the first island chain training voyage aroused concern. The day before the China air force in the official micro-blog air force released "published more than one routine normalization of ocean train

Huang Yuxian, a Taiwan artist, and her husband He Shouzheng. (source: Taiwan media information) overseas network on 18 December, Taiwan artist Huang Yuxian He Shouzheng and her husband divorce, trouble on the island and even raise a Babel of criticism of

An article is in the wind! The United States University of Kentucky scholar Robert Farley • 15 in the U.S. "national interest" published an article titled 2018 are most likely to cause the 5 regions of the third world war. Among them, North Korea is

The PLA military aircraft flew around the platform. Overseas network on 18 December, the PLA aircraft 17 around Taiwan, 18 early in the morning again from the Bashi Channel through the waters east of Taiwan, the Japanese Miyako Island channel after return

An article is in the wind! The United States University of Kentucky scholar Robert Farley • 15 in the U.S. "national interest" published an article titled 2018 are most likely to cause the 5 regions of the third world war. Among them, North Korea is

[observer network comprehensive report] according to the Taiwan United News Network, in December 17th, Taiwan Civil Society launched an anti air pollution parade to protest against the authorities' ineffective efforts to control pollution. Liu Leyan, a fo

[reports] observation network for researchers since the end of the month, foreign media said Chinese to halt the Vatican, Palau group tours, Taiwan media have worried about politics, the move is to put pressure on Taiwan, the so-called allies. The relatio

[/] the observer network high Xueying Taiwan girls cry, people watch video. Micro-blog users @ pursuit of peace and unity Cheng Aiwei from Taiwan, recently, Facebook was the title she posted a video on micro-blog, and Taiwan compatriots to share, the prim

Chinese Railway Corporation today announced that since December 20, 2017, the railway departments launched frequent flyer membership service of railway travel. That is to say, train can accumulate integral change tickets by train! Natural people 12 years

Recently, Taiwan media as separatist weapon, "can advocate the development of nuclear weapons, or the purchase of these long-range missiles and other Taiwan authorities had never used the method. China air force training cruise around the island overseas

The slogan of Cai Yingwen's non nuclear home in 2025 was particularly embarrassing, and it seemed that the use of love for power did not relieve the gap in Taiwan's electricity use. At the anti nuclear parade, the banners of the anti nuclear parade have u

According to Taiwan media reports, the afternoon of December 12th, the Taiwan referendum amendment act in the Taiwan legislature three readings, reduced the age and the referendum threshold. Taiwan joint said, in particular, the revised amendment will ref

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