Hanbok passers-by has unveiled Dopa's hanbok for eight consecutive seasons, but this season's summit has not arrived yet. Hanbok will be settled in the early morning of the 19th, and Dopa finally boarded the hanbok first again, because there is no update temporarily in second place, in fact the score is already ahead of DRX

Here is the practical summoning of the Call of Duty Modern War multiplayer mode. In the game, players can use some in-game settings to subtly achieve the purpose. Let's take a look. 1. 100 rewards after the completion of the challenge may still be a lot of people do not know this MW is by far the most

Hanbok's four unpopular heroes revealed that after the 9.22 version update, Hanbok appeared some very rare styles, and gradually became a fire, and the winning rate was also exaggerated. It’s no stranger to play a single nightmare in a single nightmare, but the single dream is a black technology that emerged in 9.22, and it wins.

Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I am a little brother. I believe that many players have encountered high-energy moments in the game, such as the glory of the king, the killing of the LOL, the gods, the singularity of the chess, the Samsung, no doubt, the high-energy moments in the game make people scream Enjoyable, but everyone has noticed the game

Playing the wild Zach into the new overlord because the preseason is about to start, so the 9.21 version of the hero's change is not big, but there are still some heroes in this version of the rise, today recommended some 9.21 version of the high win rate hero, several of them are It is because of the new style of play. Lingguang cloak sword

Imagine a room filled with all kinds of guns, and all of them are precious. In the fear of Russia, European countries began to strengthen the construction of armored ground forces. Not long ago, the armored forces of Denmark carried out tank operation exe

In December 10th, Russian television broadcast a news nizhniy tagil tank plant. The video shows a picture of the production of T-90 main battle tanks in the workshop. Sharp eyed fans in Russia immediately according to the detail characteristics of camoufl

Russian officials have revealed that they have already completed a large contract to deliver mango tank shells to India. In 2014, India signed an agreement with Russia to buy 66 thousand Russian mango tank cannon armor piercing rounds. August 15th Russian

After reading the "wolf 2", the most impressive is the ultimate magic weapon five wheels instead of 59 tanks, comrade Wu Jing open desert painting rebel 59D, racing, elegant, handsome, round! So you want to do a 59D model, of course, to do 59D, ZAKER, per

The soldier's Dictionary did not serve two words. When the thumb is not working, Luo Yiqin uses the ring finger to press the trigger switch. The two remaining fingers of the right hand are hard to hold steady and shoot grip. He uses a triangular towel to

Armored tank regiment sergeant Li Dong college coach with superb technology, driving three tanks by 270 degrees drift stop accurately on the narrow space of only 38 meters in! When Qing Dong put forward the "tank battle scene wolf 2" in the East, Li smile

[Wang Yubo] observer network / United States "defense news" quoted Iran's Fars news agency reported in March 12th, the country issued a new tank Karrar said in a statement, and has established a large-scale production line to produce this tank. Observers

Russian media recently exposed a team composed entirely of female armored combat unit. Uphold the predecessors "The Dawns Here are quiet" tradition, this army soldier Yan is proportional to the value and fighting capacity, with angel looks at the same tim

The transit of German American tank Reference News Network January 17 foreign media reported that the German people of Cottbus in Germany to accept the Berlin - Land Brandenburg Broadcasting Corporation, said in an interview, the United States through the

[British] observer network integrated "Jane's defense" reported on January 5th, appeared in the China network forum at the end of December 2016 the picture shows that Chinese people's Liberation Army may be equipped with a new light tank exposure for the

Q: I am a novice, please Udil and the Barbarian King should I practice which? RiotSotere: haha, generally speaking I would recommend Udil, but this is more difficult to use a hero, because he needs a good grasp of their own mana at any time. If you want a

Vlieland is an island in the north of Holland, with an area of 36.13 square kilometers, the total population of only more than 1 thousand people. On this island, there is a tank range, namely Valeri range card. In this range, there are a lot of waste tank

As the main force of armored ground war, for tanks, armored strength determines the battlefield survivability of the tank, the tank will attract a large number of enemy fire on the battlefield, so the tank protection is the foundation to ensure the tank c

The US said tanks and missiles with seemingly wanbuzhuan, is not only carrying artillery or tanks on the battlefield? As the saying goes, there have no doubt, There is a way out. In the end, the Americans hit the south wall, the Soviets also secretly play

In December 2016, the Slovenia army M84 main battle tanks had had a major overhaul of the main gun firing test after overhaul. If the gun has a problem, hastily fired live ammunition will be dangerous, so the need to make special water bomb check. Mainten

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