This article from the micro-channel public number: burning Finance (rancaijing), Author: Susie, editor: Wei Jia Not long ago, a hornet's nest as high as 40% layoffs rumors, has become the most popular company tenderness. This is not the first news that Ma Honeycomb has been laid off. 2019 4

Author | Kiki Sources | Zhou Tian Finance (ID: techfinsight) The famous American writer Malcolm Gladwell once said that around 1955 was the time of the computer revolution, born too early to own a personal computer; and born too late, Computer revolution

Tencent responded that the former employee failed to match the corresponding post requirements for a long time before leaving the company, regardless of the period of employment, actual work results, or other related behavioral performance. Especially since the end of 2018, I have refused to perform my job duties, and many unexcused absences and absenteeism are indeed related.

Text / Li Nan Water can carry a boat, but it can also overturn a boat. Internet giants are providing new forms of water and electricity, and in order to take advantage of this, they also need to be prepared to encounter risks. On the evening of December 26, many people were already waiting for work. And around 17:10, one

At the beginning of December last year, the QQ Android version of Tencent's mobile phone ushered in the 8.2 official version update, which brought floating window coloring pages to temporary pages, real-time location sharing within the session, chat history support for backup to the computer, migration to other mobile phones, etc. Features. But on December 31, Tencent

Since its launch, "Glory of the King" has always valued investment in audio design. Just this month, "Glory of the King" held three symphony concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. Those familiar "King of Glory" soundtracks were performed live by a large orchestral orchestra, such as the impassioned

Hello everyone, this is Zheng Jing game, I am your Zheng Jing brother. Tencent's Legal Department can be said to be one of the strongest legal departments on the surface. There have been few lawsuits against lawsuits. Recently, Tencent has won another lawsuit, and the defendant was released in a "Public Shootout" similar to Tencent's "Crossfire" Business heroes entertain each other. Not only...

Welcome to follow the story of creation WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji / Fang Hao Source: pick up (ID: itakethat) Today is the last day of 2019 and the last day of the 10s. You can still remember 2009

On December 20th, 2019 TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival Hainan kicked off at Sun Moon Plaza in Haikou. TGC's Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival is a Tencent new cultural and creative strategy.

On December 25th, the six-day 2019 TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival Hainan Station ended, and many players went offline to share this carnival. As the head IP of Tencent, QQ Speedcar carries the youth and memories of countless players. During this trip to Hainan, the core

Five years ago, David Wallerstein, an American who joined Tencent around 2000, decided to ask management for a C level title. This is not his vanity. He grew up in the United States and came to Asia at the age of 16.

Sina Technology News On the evening of December 29, Alibaba idle fish called Tencent tonight, because some netizens were shopping at idle fish, and after being induced by a scammer, they were deceived in the QQ transaction, and idle fish thought that they were lying down. Xiaoyu shouts from Xiaoyu platform management: It's all 9012, Tencent still doesn't care

Not long ago, the TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival Hainan Station officially ended. After years of development, TGC has successfully completed multiple upgrades in brand positioning, content experience and exhibition area presentation, becoming the newest under Tencent's new cultural and creative strategy with the largest scale, the largest collection of IP, and the most...

2019 is about to pass; many years later, when we look back at China Internet 2019, there is no doubt that it will be an extremely disappointing year in the history of Internet business. Last year we were hotly discussing Tencent had no dreams. This year we found that it seems that the entire Chinese Internet has lost its dreams.

Image source @ PanoramaVisual 文 丨 Competition in 2019, playing chess and eating chicken is all the rage. Large and small manufacturers have gathered together to join the chess game and launched self-playing chess products. Among them are medium-sized developers, such as Longyuan Network, and Tencent, Netease, Blizzard and other game giants. Competition (WeChat ID: Cor

From December 20th to December 25th, 2019, the 2019 TGC Tencent Digital Cultural and Creative Festival Hainan Station (hereinafter referred to as: TGC2019 Hainan Station) is open to the public at Haikou Sun and Moon Plaza. TGC's Tencent Digital Culture and Innovation Festival

Recently, the Tencent Anti-Fraud Investigation Department released the disciplinary report for the first three quarters of 2019, and found that more than 40 cases of violations of high-voltage lines were investigated and dealt with, of which more than 60 people were fired for offending high-voltage lines, and more than 10 people were transferred to public security judicial authorities for...

Recently, the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court issued judicial advice to Tencent's Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., which is responsible for electronic payment business. In response, Caifutong Company responded on the 27th. The company was very concerned and had started internal discussions and would maintain close communication with Beijing Second Intermediate Court. Beijing...

December 27th news According to Tencent cybersecurity news, recently, Zhangjiagang police cracked the first nationwide aggregate script plug-in with the assistance of the Tencent Guardian Program security team and the Tencent Teyes game security joint team in the special operation of Netcom 2019

In the afternoon of December 26, Tencent issued a group anti-fraud notice, saying that in the first three quarters of 2019, the Tencent Anti-fraud Investigation Department investigated and dealt with more than 40 cases of violation of high-voltage lines, dismissed 60 employees, and transferred more than 10 people to the public security judicial department. Companies

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