Nikkei Chinese network reported that the total market capitalization of the top 5 listed companies in the world is still monopolized by the US IT giants, but Tencent and Alibaba have been ranked the seventh, eighth &hellip respectively. The development of

Source: Zhou Hongyi, the observer, has a big mouth! In December 16th, he was visiting the president's reading club. Zhou Hongyi said to the host, "safety is rather bitter." Feng Xin, the founder of the storm group, knows this. I didn't make money for pers

Photo source: the visual China is about to lay a gun at about one hundred degrees here. Baidu has been widely considered to have dropped a team since the BAT's market capitalization. Now this is the era of AT giant. Recent good people have compared three

Today, Tencent game safety center has announced the five anti plug-in plans of Jedi survival. Tencent said it will carry out a comprehensive attack and defense from the different dimensions of operation, technology, supervision, law and automation. Cut of

December 26th news: today in response to the Tencent of Tencent tinder security housekeeper, QQ browser installation procedures for the poison and automatic interception treatment, said tinder supervision is positive, and the release of apology. Tencent i

Time in the past 3 weeks, people will still remember from time to time the picture at the beginning of the month the Wuzhen world dinner on the internet. Because this is probably the most united meeting of the Tencent department. This dinner let Ma very l

Alibaba partner and chairman of the Alibaba group public relations committee Wang Shuai. Image source: Visual Chinese giants' year-end rip up play. Ali, the Tencent, once again opened fire. This is not Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, but the public relations officer.

In November 22nd, the Tencent officially announced, won the "Jedi Battle Royale" survival: National Service agency. Today, it is just a month, and the last countdown is on the line. From the previous feedback of players, national clothing pricing is the m

In December 21st, the first class school in a University of Ali Cloud Lake officially opened, according to Sina Technology report, Alibaba partners, chairman of the Alibaba group public relations committee Wang Shuai to participate in teaching activities,

The plug-in has been cheating each game player bitter things, it will not only destroy the balance of the game, the game becomes more flat and uninteresting. Recently, the Tencent United Jiangyin police have broken down the production and sales team of "J

Yesterday afternoon, "the Jedi survival" update PC 1 official version, due to the high popularity, PUBG officially announced its global game player has reached 30 million, and this number continues to rise rapidly, data from the game at the PC end and Xbo

The Tencent "prism", author Wang Danwei Li Siyi from New York to Beijing in December 20th, many independent sources to the Tencent "prism" revealed that the state-owned listed companies in Thailand Thailand national oil company (PTT) is the future of Fara

Source: hunting cloud network in 2017 is about to end, venture capital circles this year is still bustling. Share the single car, share the charge treasure, new retail, artificial intelligence … … the emergence of countless tuyere and opport

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Tencent news on December 19th news, Papi sauce in the recent Congress in response to the issue of thinking of the withdrawal of thinking. Papi sauce says it's not just to withdraw his mind, but all the investment projects have been removed. Papi sauce sai

On December 18th, Tencent and Jingdong will invest 863 million dollars in According to the equity subscription agreement, Tencent and Jingdong will subscribe's new class a common stock, the subscription amount is about 604 million US doll

Cars for 3 years, Li Bin with a great in strength and impetus of the conference will be its first production model NIO ES8 officially recommend to a user. It has to be said that this car can be completed in 3 minutes by changing electricity and speeding u

Recently, "the Jedi" Battle Royale: survival of official PC 1 test of the third round of updates, increase the playback function, the function can record the range of 1 kilometers around the content within the game player role, after the end of the game i

The last two days there are two pieces of news caused a small note from the Tencent, while the two things are so many users feel quite happy, even make people feel a little too amateur, then we will take a look at. The first is a vote on Tencent recently

Laday network Lotte December 16th reported recently in the annual general meeting held within the Tencent, Tencent CEO Ma Huateng, Tencent, Tencent President Martin Lau COO Ren Yuxin, senior vice president of Tencent Zhang Xiaolong and other key executive

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