Recently, a man in Zhejiang bought a leather coat and broke it in 1 day, tearing it up like paper. When she went to the theory, the boss lady confidently justified but "overturned" on the spot, and she immediately held her expression bright. Source: Tencent News Editor: Xiaozhao

Recently, a Vietnamese bride toasted her father-in-law at the wedding scene. Unexpectedly, the bride was refused in person. The groom's next move saw the relatives and friends stunned. Source: Tencent News Editor: Xiaozhao

On December 27, patrolling police found a "ghost ship" on the coast, and rescuers boarded the ship to see a more frightening scene. Seven bodies on board, two of which had no head. Source: Tencent News Editor: Xiaozhao

On November 28, a 22-year-old girl calmly ate up a whole roast lamb in a cafeteria in Nanjing. After eating, it was unsettling to say a word. According to the chef, the meat cut by this sheep is 10 pounds. Source: China-Singapore Video, Tencent News Editor: Xiaozhao

On the 23rd, the two guys flew from Hainan to Changchun to Changchun to board the ferry on the plane, and a car stared at them both with a smile and spray & amp; hellip; & amp; hellip; what happened? At that time, Changchun was already covered in snow and everyone was wearing down jackets. Other people asked them how they felt like. They also said, "It's cool!"

The author of Tencent News "First Line" Luo Fei from the Hong Kong Alibaba listed in Hong Kong pricing has finally been determined. Tencent News "First Line" was informed that Alibaba has confirmed on November 19 that its Hong Kong stock market share price is 176 Hong Kong dollars per share. Alibaba’s previous roadshow material shows that this time

Unlike most IPOs in Hong Kong, Alibaba's listing in Hong Kong is very low-key. As a secondary listed company, Alibaba applied for an exemption, that is, it does not need to disclose its prospectus before hearing through the HKEx. Tencent News "First Line" author Luo Fei from Hong Kong Tencent News

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