Tesla prices have changed again. On January 3, Tesla's official website showed that it adjusted the starting price of the standard endurance upgrade Model 3 (including the basic version of the auxiliary driving function) produced by the Chinese factory: from the original price of 355,800 yuan to 299,905 yuan.

Wait, the party never loses? Text / Qian Tongxin data shows that in the fourth quarter of 2019, Tesla achieved output of nearly 105,000 vehicles and delivery of about 112,000 vehicles. So far, Tesla delivered a total of about 367,500 vehicles in 2019, an increase from the previous year.

Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory fulfilled its delivery promises ahead of time with exceptional construction speed. After more than 10 months of preparations, on December 30 last year, Tesla delivered the first batch of domestically produced Model 3 mid-size cars to 15 employees at its Shanghai super factory. Tesla plans

Tesla has staggered through 2019, still creating some impressive achievements under the pressure of many questions and empty airs. Most notably, Tesla has once again proven its strength and ability to turn a profit in the past year. And protected by Cybertruck

Source | Future Auto Daily (ID: auto-time) | Edited by Qin Zhangyong | Xu Yangtou Source | Whether it's Bill Gates, Buffett, or Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Xu Jiayin, these

On January 3, a Tesla official blog post said that the Model 3 made in China is coming soon and will be officially delivered on January 7. After the subsidy, the standard endurance upgrade version starts at 299,050 yuan, and the down payment can be as low as 45,000. Previous 2019 12

In recent days, a piece of news about American companies in China has been screened on overseas media. ▲ Reuters reported screenshots.On December 30, 2019, Tesla's first Model 3 electric vehicles produced in the first overseas super factory were delivered in Shanghai to China and the world's auto market.

On January 2nd, Tencent Cohen Labs said that in order to understand the security of Tesla's in-vehicle system in depth, it researched the wireless function module (Parrot module on Model S) and found two vulnerabilities in it. One exists in the wireless chip firmware, the other

PingWest products play January 1st, according to IT House, Tesla owners may soon have a snooze mode feature that will allow them to sleep in the car when the air-conditioning system is turned on, and the alarm clock will wake They, Tesla CEO Elon

China News Service, January 1 According to the US Chinese website, the U.S. government car safety regulator said on December 31, 2019 that it would launch an investigation into a fatal vehicle accident at Tesla in Southern California on December 29. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Interface News conducts an inventory of financial figures and companies of the year again. We will continuously launch the 2019 scenery and disappointed financial figures and the 2019 scenery and disappointed companies to present readers with important memories in the financial field in the past year. 2019 is full of uncertainty for entrepreneurs and companies

After 2019, electric car companies seem to be out of the dark. On December 30, Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory, which lasted only 10 months before and after, was completed and put into operation, making Musk have to marvel at the speed of Shanghai. With the first 15 Tesla Model 3 batteries

News on December 28 Yesterday, Tesla completed the first domestic V3 supercharging pile at Shanghai Jinqiao Supercharging Station and officially opened to the public. This move marked the official entry of the V3 supercharging pile into the Chinese market. Tesla officially introduced a picture V3 Super Charging Pile. Tesla

Author 丨 Wang Rui editor 丨 Hao Qiuhui The domestic Tesla Model 3 is 100,000 yuan cheaper than the imported version, as a staff member of a Tesla experience store in Shanghai said. Such offers are really tempting. The pie will not fall in the sky, the Model 3 was chopped 120km after domestic production

According to foreign media reports, although the design of the new electric pickup Cybertruck released by Tesla last month has been criticized by many people, it is undeniable that this car still has a lot of fans. It is understood that the current bookings for this car have exceeded 250,000. However this car's

Sina Science and Technology News on the afternoon of December 27, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, recently published patent documents show that Tesla has previously applied for a patent that aims to use a variety of electrolyte additives to extend the life of lithium batteries. , And improve its performance. Tesla in 2018

Text / Lei Jianping Source: Leidi Touchnet (ID: touchweb) Original Title: Tesla's Market Value Exceeds $ 75 Billion: Leading General Motors and Ford Tencent become winners. $ 419.22 with a market cap

IT House December 24 News According to the Beijing Daily, various Tesla service centers in China recently launched a physical car key that sells for 1,200 yuan and a Tesla Model 3, and is already available for purchase. Previously, the Model 3 was not equipped with a physical car key at the time of purchase

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, on Monday, U.S. local time, the stock price of electric car maker Tesla once reached a record high of US $ 422.01 per share and closed at US $ 419.22, an increase of more than 3%, and the market value reached $ 76 billion.

The debate over whether Xiaopeng is plagiarizing Tesla's autonomous driving technology has not yet settled. Musk has already opened up on Twitter. 36 Wu was informed that the incident revolved around a report about Xiaopeng Automobile. On December 22, CleanTechnica published a titled Xiaopeng Automobile

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