Rich handsome HANKOOK tin Won Bin played in "Autumn in My Heart" in his popular China. After the army, the army because of bodily injury, making his comeback and retired, retirement and return, career ups and downs. In recent years there is no good works

This year the transfer period is the history of the most chaotic time division three, including LPL, have launched a desperate pursuit of talent, which we are most concerned about the LPL division had a tremendous impact from South Korea and North America

It is reported that since the limit han to the news, a high degree of dependence on the Chinese market, South Korean entertainment company's stock price by the impact, the entertainment industry's holdings of shares held by the rich shrink.

Description of the contents of the title of the first female anchor in South Korea Yin Suwan recently announced a number of new photos by his micro-blog, foul body still make fans crazy.

South Korea has never had a lack of beauty, especially the rise of electricity in recent years. There are too many beautiful female game player in the game, the competition of high quality electric gush beauty, and this is known

Welcome to open the Korean fashion in late October 23rd, the new generation idol Xu Weizhou unveiled the "bird Music Festival" on the stage, and sang "the light" ""

Korean pop culture in recent years, many young people are very hot Chinese in imitation of South Korea's, clothing and so on makeup today will take you to understand Korean bubble

The super two transfer period, South Korea International Hong just move from Augsburg to Jiangsu Suning, Suning to join his defensive strength has improved, and he joined let.

This session of the CJ is still so strict, all SG dress up must meet the requirements. According to rumors, the passing rate of this session of SG clothing at 98.8%. Result Guide

According to the Korea Herald reported that today's industry data show that over the past two days, Samsung's new GalaxyNote7 phone reservation in Korea has been

[news] Romdu Samsung GalaxyNoteEdge new machine configuration of the curved side of the screen first listed area of Japan, not in

LG started in Gyeonggi Do 1 trillion Korean won Paju and Kyungpook Gumi factory (about $850 million) OLED production line scale additional investment. Because it is at the same time to increase the TV, smart phones, cars and other large and small and medi

LGUplus as one of Korea's best quality, the world's best experience LTE network, around the No.1 user experience, is committed to continuously improve the network performance and user experience through continuous technological innovation.

On May 4, Jiangsu Suning away 2-2 draw against the north of modern, AFC Champions League group stage, unfortunately out, game, Su Ning once 2-1 leading Jeonbuk Hyundai almost all of North

In May 2nd, according to the relevant sources, the Seoul Local Taxation Bureau survey 2 recently has begun to conduct regular tax investigation YG entertainment. It is reported that this is the following 20

QG team in a single Doinb and play the wild Swift of the conflict

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