Shen Mengchen costume drama style entertainment NetEase reported on February 7th, Shen Mengchen drying out a photo studio, laugh at yourself in the costume drama in style: this style is inspired by the … …? I think I might have a fake crew!

Ge Hui Jie in June 21st, Chupin movie "Hangzhou day" Oolong stubble crew reflection

A fishing boat carrying 7 crew members of the Xiangshan Ningbo Zhejiang Zhejiang 1

"Lanzhou" ship crew are checking the helicopter aircraft before takeoff. After the end of the exercise in April 29th this day, about 15, the Lanzhou ship sailing on the way with the U.S. Pacific Fleet, John Stanis aircraft carrier formation encounter. Dur

The frigate is with missiles, guns, bombs and deepwater submarine torpedo as the main weapon of light surface combatants. Fushun ship first captain Yong Xin Zhao introduces to the reporter: Fushun ship belongs to light ships, good stealth performance, spe

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