[Article / Observer Network Guo Han] Due to the lack of wheels during take-off, a twin-engine regional airliner in Canada was forced to return to the voyage and eventually landed without any injuries. The entire process was photographed by a passenger on board with a mobile phone. The two photographers seemed very calm and laughed at their encounter. Netizens have said

At about 10:45 am on December 26, the Jiajiasu Expressway was about 113 kilometers (Jiaxing section) in the direction of Jiangsu, and suddenly there was a traffic congestion of nearly one kilometer. Many drivers are looking around. Is something wrong? Yes, there was an accident, the main character was one

Not long ago, the Health and Health Committee of Longzihu District, Bengbu City, Anhui Province, formulated and improved the rules of procedure of the Party Committee and related institutional documents for the construction of a clean and honest government, further standardized the procedures and requirements of the Party Committee, and clarified the threefold issues concerning the development...

The car was driving normally on the road and suddenly the wheels came down! Can you react to dodge in time? At 10pm on the 20th, a large truck at the bottom of Huangcun overpass, Guangyuan Road, Tianhe, Guangzhou, suddenly fell off while driving. The detached tire rolled towards the roadside, hit a nearby flower bed, and then hit the bridge pier

There are about 30 million truck drivers and 25 million truck drivers in China. Any number exceeds the total population of Beijing. In the 25 million cards, in addition to the women left at home, nearly 10 million people have followed or are in the car. Article | Malala Editing | Sugar Maple Photography | Yin Xiyuan Wandering

This case reminded me of a stubble. You never know how many people can get off the Jinbei car. Recently, the traffic police brigade of the Kunshan Public Security Bureau in Suzhou found a dilapidated and suspicious passenger car. Stop it and check it. After investigation, the driver Fu Mou driving 6

Modern Express News (correspondent Hui Jiahao reporter Gundam) In the early morning, a man in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, crashed into the guardrail during his drunk driving. After the accident, the drunken man turned to the damaged guardrail 90 degrees, which made the surveillance video The policeman is also a little bit smirking. November 3rd Ling

Modern Express News (Reporter Sun Xuhui) In the early morning of November 4, a large truck self-ignition accident occurred in the high-speed section of the Suqian area. The driver looked at the vehicle and caught fire. He wanted to deal with it urgently, but could not find a can of fire extinguisher. The reporter of the modern express newspaper learned that the traffic police arrived in time...

On the 28 day, Toray, the world's largest carbon fiber composite maker in Dongli, also had a 8 - year fraud scandal. Kobe steel, Nissan, MITSUBISHI, supporting the Japanese economy manufacturing giants broke a series of "scandal", for decades of accumulat

The evening of July 1st, a car from Xingtai city of Hebei Province, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, bound for the license for the long-distance sleeper bus Hebei EA5566, via Tianjin thistle high-speed Baodi Seoul Wang Zhen Xiao Gao Zhuang section of acc

The early morning of May 19 4 50 am, a white car northward in the Kawa Ruuminami driving to Changan butterfly watch factory district, lost control of the vehicle to the right exit road outside and hit on a school east wall, car 5 people died on the spot.

Beijing time on May 3 news, NASA's curiosity Rover recently landed at present to the highest point of the, to take panoramic pictures of a group of Mars nock Lu Fu plateau (Naukluft plateau), and the scene is very spectacular. NASA also YouTube released a

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