▲ Video source: Xinhua International Turkish Parliament voted to pass a resolution on sending troops to Libya on January 2. This means that the Turkish government is authorized to send troops to Libya. On the same day, leaders of the two countries talked on the phone to discuss issues such as the situation in Libya. Analysts believe that the situation in Libya is deeply affected by the big...

Xinhua News Agency News: The military of the Libyan Government of National Unity issued a statement on the 4th that an air raid on a military college in Tripoli, the capital, killed 28 students and injured 18 others.

Russian satellite network reported on January 4 that the Libyan National Army's top commander Khalifa Haftar announced a general mobilization in response to foreign troops. (Screenshot from Russian Satellite Network Report) Haftar stated in a video speech that today we announced the jihad and mobilized it fully. Do not

Xinhua News Agency, Ankara, January 1 (Reporter Zheng Siyuan Shi Yang) According to Turkish media reports on the 1st, the Turkish parliament will hold an emergency meeting on the 2nd to vote on a resolution on Turkey's sending troops to Libya. Turkish Anadolu News Agency reports that under the bill, Turkish troops are

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