Original title: in his first years do not do dinner, Captain America Trone 100 years [/ observer network] 2017 Qianang Xu is in the past, Americans Qiazhiyisuan, found that Trump will break a history: since he will become nearly a century, the first rulin

CNBC -- China's imports increased by 19% in November, and international copper prices reached three and a half years. The latest trade data show that China's copper imports increased to 329168 tons in November, up 19% over the same period last year. By th

Many years ago, it worked in the Palestine area. During the Christmas season of christmas church, a deserted house. The war, ethnic conflicts and religious conflicts, sometimes not paranoid thoughts caused the Middle East today, dogged by bad luck. In vie

Abstract: signed Trump wanted to know her in tax reform agenda whether the contribution of famous people; and they want to know how many new tax loopholes in the next eight years, so that they can save much money. To cash in on the promise of a tax reform

Trump, who doesn't go out of the way, has never been disappointing. According to people's Daily Overseas Edition of WeChat's public number Knight Island 23 news, 22, Trump signed at the White House since 1986, the largest U.S. tax bill, the bill will star

At the beginning of November, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo with visiting U.S. President Barack Trump to play golf, to catch up has left Trump, accidentally fell on the pitch. This aerial embarrassing scene was photographed after the Tokyo TV station

Sina American stock news in the early morning of 20 Beijing time, the U. S. Republican final version of the tax reform bill has been enough votes in the house of Representatives, the vote is still in progress. The Senate will follow up later. The Republic

(1) there is a saying in Mexico: the greatest sorrow of Mexico is that it is too far away from God and too close to the United States. In fact, many countries now have a similar feeling in Mexico, especially after Trump became president of the United Stat

[/ observer network] Xu Qianang 18 pm local time, Trump released his first "national security strategy report", and a 30 minute speech at the White House, re positioning of Homeland Security crisis. The observer's network has previously reported on China

Since 1986, the United States Congress has asked every president to make a clear plan for the security of the country. In addition to guiding the national security strategy, this report also provides clear signals to the US's allies and opponents, which i

Who is the fate of the United States in the hands of the United States? Trump's hand? Trump did not believe himself. Many of his instructions, Congress pass, or he and Putin Freemasonry, but even the noodles are not seen, even if lost, or encounter. In th

President Trump will announce the first national security strategy report he took office in December 18th, then he will make a speech. Reuters today (17) quoted two American officials who didn't want to be named. Trump will introduce the new US national s

President Trump sent a big package to the world on the eve of Christmas 2017: this may be the most daring tax cut in history. This will not only have a significant impact on the U.S. economy, in the turmoil in the global economy, it is a medicine. Coming

According to foreign media reports, U.S. President Trump signed a 12 U. S. Congress passed the defense authorization bill for fiscal year 2018, which includes the possibility, evaluation of us Taiwan warships visits invited Taiwan to participate in red fl

The more pressing issues facing the nation is actually the majority in Arabia how to make their own survival and on December 10th, protesters gathered in Indonesia to protest the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta Embassy in indonesia. US President Trump announced t

Original title: high level think tank: do not misjudge! The impact of tax reform in the United States, China's impact is beyond imagination, and the success of Trump's tax cuts has become a hot topic in the world. In fact, as early as May 2017, there was

[/] Qianang observer network Xu local time the evening of December 12th, in the state of Alabama senator in a special election, Democrat Jones (Doug Jones) narrowly defeated the recent exposure of the high rate of Roy Moore (Roy Moore), a ZAKER, a persona

Original title: high level think tank: do not misjudge! The impact of tax reform in the United States, China's impact is beyond imagination, and the success of Trump's tax cuts has become a hot topic in the world. In fact, as early as May 2017, there was

Data figure (source: British Sky News) overseas network on 12 December, according to Xinhua news agency, U.S. President Trump signed the space policy instruction, announced that the U.S. astronauts will return to the moon, and eventually to mars. Accordin

[/ I] today, Xiao observer orders signed by the American space program will allow exploration to human re focusing and discovery. The president of the United States, Trump, said. According to the national public radio report, in December 11th, President T

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