On the 25th local time, the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism handed over two Chinese cultural relics to the Chinese Embassy in Turkey at the Anadolu Civilization Museum in the Turkish capital Ankara. This is the first time Turkey has handed over Chinese cultural relics to China in accordance with international conventions . The two artifacts about to go home

Recently, the relationship between the United States and Turkey has become increasingly tense. Even the Turkish army has shelled the US military. Although there have been no casualties, the Tumei is undoubtedly full of gunpowder. It is not impossible to tear the face. At this time, there is an extremely sensitive issue that has emerged: the US military

In 2016, a video of a locker room in Coulter, a coach of the Turkish Sumerspur youth team, caused a lot of controversy. In the video, Kurt was furious and forced to slappe every small player in the locker room. Some small players Directly fanned down, and small players sobbed directly in the locker room. This video is in the community

[after the compiler / observer network video Xu Lei / observer Liu Chuchu] in Jerusalem earlier this month the United States seems to ignite a powder keg, "isolated and helpless on the issue of Jerusalem". Recently, American ambassador to the United Natio

The last winner in the manual rifle competition is the suppository rifle. From the beginning of Dreiser, after the summer of Spokane rifles, Glass Gras rifle, Mauser 1871 rifles, Biedan rifle, Kroll Pacheco Kropatchek rifle (formerly known as Qu dark, peo

TAR-21 is an Israeli unstructured assault rifle with 5.56× 45mm NATO ammunition. The meaning of TAR-21 is Tavor Assault Rifle - 21st Century (Chinese Translation -- ZAKER, personalized recommendation of popular news, local authoritative media inform

According to CCTV news client 10 reports, local time 10, Turkey President El in a speech in a speech Israel is a terrorist country. El criticized the Israeli police's disproportionate use of force against Palestinian protesters. He also said Israel is a Z

Overseas network December 7, US President Trump, 6, announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, triggering the strong condemnation of the international community. Just before the decision of Israel's top government officials to public

Trump has decided to recognize Jerusalem's status and move the embassy. (Overseas), 6 December, Trump ignored all the demands and warnings of the world. He must go all in to admit the status of Jerusalem and move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. According t

Global network reporter Juppe reported [] according to the Russian news agency reported on December 4th, the president of Turkey rejep Tayyip Erdogan • • El believes that the United States attempted to punish and discredit Turkey, because Turkey

Look at the two picture, although the two picture image to repair a bit too much, but could you let this face and 71 year old Lenovo together? What's important is the fluffy dress of a girl dressed like this! And I don't think it's particularly jarring! 7

Reference News Network November 24 daily news, according to the U.S. defense news weekly website 16 November reported that the U.S. air force, a senior official said on November 15th, if Turkey insisted on buying Russian air defense system, the system wil

Overseas network reported on November 23rd, Turkey defense minister Ghani Kerry local time on November 22nd said that there are more than 8500 soldiers in Turkey in July 2016 after the national coup attempted dismissal. Russian satellite communications of

Overseas network reported on November 23rd, Turkey defense minister Ghani Kerry local time on November 22nd said that there are more than 8500 soldiers in Turkey in July 2016 after the national coup attempted dismissal. Russian satellite communications of

[observer network Roundup] NATO exercises caused Oolong event. Turkey took part in NATO military exercises on 16 August, and found that the imaginary enemy was himself. In response, President El of Turkey protested, and ordered 40 soil soldiers to withdra

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Norway defense minister Frank Barker - Jensen 17, respectively, on Turkey decided to withdraw from the NATO joint military exercises held in Norway apologize. Turkey believes the military exercise has insulted t

Data figure: Turkey to participate in military exercises in the Global Times reported [picture] Turkey President El Erdogan announced that 17 out of the soil in Norway at the NATO joint military drill, because the exercise of the imaginary enemy target ap

According to the Daily Mail reported on November 17th, a castle has been discovered under the largest lake in Turkey recently, which has a history of 3000 years. Divers dive into it and find that the ancient fortifications are well preserved and are belie

[compilation / observer network Xu Qianang] in February 13th this year, took only 24 days before the United States national security adviser Michael Flynn to resign due to Russia through the door. Now, he will be branded with the mark of collusion in Turk

Turkey and Russia signed an order for S-400 air defense system in September. According to Itar Novosti reported on November 12th, Turkey's defense minister Janick Leigh said that Turkey's purchase of Russian S-400 air defense system has been resolved - ZA

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