According to Gamasutra reports, Twitch announced the official launch of the game store features, from now on, all Twitch users can buy games from the live page. Prior to this, Twitch had revealed the news in February 28th, grapes - ZAKER, personalized rec

Yesterday, the official Twitch released a long information map of each game in 2016, the total live, the "hero alliance" to watch more than 1 billion hours long climb to the top of all games, and almost two times in second CS:GO, the total viewing time up

This article source: playing with the sports events to the foreign broadcast platform Twitch recently announced the 2016 major game total viewing time, the company's fist "hero alliance" is still the viewing head, followed by the Valve's CS:GO and DOTA2 a

Feasel Jeremy two days ago to collect the views of the hunter pet Hunter players, and said there will be relevant plans. The next time is December 7th PST Pacific time (16 hours later than Beijing time), Hazzi Ion - ZAKER, personalized recommend popular n

Speaking of Bianzhuohuayang playing the game, we should have seen a lot of foreigners than skill,

Wen Xinye this article from the "interesting point" of the original, pictures from the network (Intrusion),

Twitch broadcast the main ATwerkingYoshi eventually customs clearance

This year's EVO 2016 "Street Fighter 5" project is really good, many domestic

Easy competitive finishing release, reproduced please indicate the source recently, the famous foreign live website Twi

Easy competitive exclusive compilation, reproduced please indicate the source Twitch has warned the anchor who do not

Watch radio report, reproduced please indicate the source. The new hero, Anna, is in the P

I will try my best to answer the questions, so that those who do not feel the love of Blizzard Dad

This is a Kotaku produced by a series of video games, exhibition

This year's E3 game show has come to an end, sponsored by the unit Entertainment Software Association (E

Author: Batchelor James at the beginning of the year, 20 year old game player

EA announced that it will match the June 14th debut of the E3 game show, in

Author: Atlas Richard Hello friends! Here is Clev

Would you like to see more of the new video for battlefield 1? E3 can see a cool. EA today

Hello, everybody. I'm the captain of the team that wins the day. Asas. Today is the second session of the

PCgame reported that a few days ago at the Dreamhack Austen station

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