The official website of the Essex police in the United Kingdom updated the news on the 8th local time to announce the list of 39 victims killed in the British death truck case. List of deceased published by the Essex County Police Department (picture from Essex County Police

Recently, a video was spread on the Internet. A British mother found someone who had been bullying her son. She was angry and did not hide her emotions. She pointed directly at the bully and yelled: You touch my son again, I will tear your face!

Spice is a new type of drug that appears in the UK. The key chemical components of this drug are still unknown, but it is believed to be 100 times more potent than cannabis. After smoking, people will have tachycardia, vomiting, seizures, and myocardial ischemia. Since March 2017, there have been some surprises in the streets of the UK from time to time.

According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 3, a British Chinese restaurant humorous wit replies were sought after by customers. Known as New World Cantonese Restaurant, this Chinese restaurant is located in Cardiff Road, Newport, Wales, and is a modern, authentic oriental cuisine. Outside Just Eat

In some countries where there is no death penalty, the highest punishment for criminals is life imprisonment. Although the nominal life imprisonment criminals will no longer pose a threat to society, it also means that the government must take care of these criminals for a lifetime and spend Still taxpayer's money … on the other hand, those poor

The corpse of trucks in the United Kingdom on the 23rd has attracted worldwide attention. Although the official identity of the deceased is still unclear, the Vietnamese family members have suspected that the victims are mostly Vietnamese nationals. An illegal smuggling route from Vietnam to the United Kingdom has also attracted the attention of all media

[World Wide Web technology report] according to the British Daily Mail December 15th, recently, Tesla helped an advanced cancer patient achieve the desire to have Model 3 as early as possible. The patient came from California, and he ordered a Model 3 ZAK

These days, because Yuan Li and Zhejiang TV, entertainment and set off a reign of terror, "said the actor's birth" will be cancelled, but the producers said rumors. We review why Yuan Li promised the actor "birth", mainly because of the variety of her fir

Escape for 7 minutes and get caught through an interconnected surveillance camera! This is not a movie "speed and passion" in the 7 eye system, but in China the Skynet project. According to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) December 10th local ti

Sina Technology News Beijing time in the morning of the morning news, part of Intel Core CpU security vulnerabilities, some hardware manufacturers began to stand out to solve the problem. So far, there are 3 notebooks and computer manufacturing solutions

A British mother feeds an abandoned wild fox cub back home. The process of their family's harmony with foxes also brings about a lot of controversy. Natalie, 35 years old, is reported Reynolds (Natalie Reynolds) raised the fox just out - ZAKER, personaliz

Overseas network on 26 November, British Police Association warned that due to the number of detention is decreased, the police do not want to go to the hour walk to the nearest police detention, leading to a large number of criminal suspects arrested on

The latest news: Xinhua news agency, London, November 17 Xinhua (reporter Deng Qian Shen Changsheng) a small plane and a helicopter 17 in Buckinghamshire, England over the crash occurred, resulting in 4 deaths. Thames Valley Police responsible for the inc

Apply to study in the UK is second to be a normal thing but many buddies would like to ask you why don't I share 85+ or I feel shy, the British University: our door zhuanyezhizhao 211/985/Netbig large TOP 100 for ZAKER, a popular news recommendation, the

If you are tired of the work in the company, then this isolated work may be for you. According to the British Daily Telegraph reported on November 10th, Britain's most remote unmanned island is now recruiting Rangers, there are more than 200 thousand seab

University of Liverpool is one of the oldest schools in the UK. The number of Chinese students enrolled every year is very impressive. The University of Liverpool is not only high security factor, price level is still very low, some fruits and vegetables

According to the "South China Morning Post" 19 reported that British Prime Minister Teresa • Mei 18, questioned by Congress as vice president of the British Conservative Party committee Rodgers refused entry. Hongkong said Britain has been and will c

According to the "South China Morning Post" 19 reported that British Prime Minister Teresa • Mei 18, questioned by Congress as vice president of the British Conservative Party committee Rodgers refused entry. Hongkong said Britain has been and will c

1. the school system is short, usually students need only one year to complete teaching master studies; 2. short preparation time, because most of the professional English is not required to provide GRE or GMAT for the applicant, will save a lot of time t

October 17, 2017, London, UK Prime Minister Teresa May held a round table conference on housing supply.

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