Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, double eleven … … these words let Alibaba Ma has been dubbed the most will earn money to the woman. "MA (map, photograph: visual Chinese)" hero alliance "," king of glory "," Cross Fire - ZAKER, personalized recommenda

The Chinese times (public number: ChinaTimes) reporter Lu Xiao, Yu Yujin Tianjin reported that the small yellow car ofo was particularly involved in the nerve of the Tianjin Wang Qingtuo single car manufacturer. In the eyes of these traditional bicycle ma

In November 15th, the Savior, known as Da Finch's last circulation work, shot 450 million dollars in New York (2 billion 976 million yuan) to refresh the most expensive art record in history. The buyer's big hand, even more than 2 billion pat - ZAKER, per

Beginning in the northern heating season, the haze index has become a hot topic. In addition to wearing a mask, the users of the ant forest have transformed their thirst for the blue sky into a distant real forest through carbon trading. What kind of busi

[observer network production] ten years ago, where did the middle class young people go for dinner? Possible choices are not many, pizza hut, certainly in the candidate list Hand-Pulled Noodle ajisen. But now, the two old words, Qi Qi, are in crisis. Firs

[observer network production] ten years ago, where did the middle class young people go for dinner? Possible choices are not many, pizza hut, certainly in the candidate list Hand-Pulled Noodle ajisen. But now, the two old words, Qi Qi, are in crisis. Firs

According to Hongkong South China Morning Post, Pan Gongsheng, the director of China's State Administration of foreign exchange, said in Beijing that if China did not prohibit bitcoin transactions and ICO for the first time nearly 3 months ago, it would b

The thunder stops suddenly infighting the truth: Lei Jun and Zou Shenglong out of the end? Source: big data renamed thunder tomorrow SEEC gold dog. Bizarre thunder infighting event suddenly died. In December 3rd, Shenzhen thunderbolt big data information

As the largest economy in the world, the biggest tax reform bill in the United States in 30 years has taken a key step. After the U.S. House of Representatives passed the tax cuts last month, at 1:50 a.m. local time in December 2nd, the U.S. Senate passed

On December 2nd, 3 p.m. Beijing time, Trump's tax cuts were passed in the United States Senate. Because the scheme had already been passed by the house of Representatives half a month ago, the tax cuts were basically fixed. After the Senate deliberation,

At the invitation of the government of Zimbabwe, Daniel Chan, the Assistant Minister for foreign affairs of China, came to a formal visit today. The fourteenth day after the coup took place, the special envoy of the Chinese government arrived. As everyone

Tencent science and technology news for the Broadcom Corp's 105 billion dollar purchase offer, before the high pass board to be rejected. It is strange that, today, there is no further action for Bo Tong. According to the latest news from foreign media, B

Sina stock news Beijing 28, Reuters said that this year's network Monday (Cyber Monday) is expected to become the highest online sales day in the history. Consumers are buying toys and electronic products at low prices, and more Americans use mobile phone

The child abuse incident pushed the red and yellow blue to the top of the wind and waves and brought a heavy blow to its stock, which was very miserable. The unexpected is, after after Thanksgiving, the price has bottomed up yellow blue Yi Hong zhou. This

The Russian satellite network quoted cryptocurrencies professional media Cryptocoinsnews reported that the U.S. space exploration technology company (SpaceX) former intern Sahir Gupta, billionaire founder Elon Musk is bitcoin Nakamoto (Satos - ZAKER, pers

Bitcoin has gone crazy since thanksgiving. Sunday afternoon, bitcoin prices rose sharply during the day trading period, a series of breakthrough 9000 dollars, 9100 U.S. dollars, 9200 U.S. dollars, 9300 U.S. dollars, 9400 U.S. dollars five historical recor

Who is the richest billionaire in a country? Let tell you the answer. As a cost estimating data visualization website, HowMuch summarizes the list of billionaires in every country. Each map shows the billionaires in the region - ZAKER, persona

Bezos in the world's richest man in this position, the more stable the more stable, and now his personal wealth has exceeded $100 billion mark. Benefited from Amazon's black Friday sales, the company's stock price rose 2.6% to $1186, while Bezos's persona

Abstract: the black five war has already started, and businessmen also ushered in a good start. Incomplete data on Thanksgiving Day, the U.S. online sales this year increased by 16.8% to $1 billion 520 million over the same period last year. Americans als

For black Friday, Apple also opened their promotions, as usual, or gift card, home is not in the scope of activities, but don't forget, a year before the lunar new year, Apple would deliberately engage in a red Friday for our sales promotion. In a nutshel

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