Beixi Line 2, east from Ust-Luga near St. Petersburg, Russia, and Greifswald in northeastern Germany, are actually in a balanced setting with Beixi Line 1. This line is mainly completed by laying pipes under the sea. Most of the pipes are laid,

According to foreign media reports, on Monday, Microsoft announced that it would respect the core rights that California's iconic data privacy law provides to Californians and extend this right throughout the United States. Microsoft Chief Privacy Officer Julie Brill said in a blog post on Monday, just like last year promoting Europe

Net sales in the United States surged to record highs during black Friday and Thanksgiving day. Businesses offer large discounts, plus mobile device shopping convenience, and consumers' shopping intentions soar. According to Adobe Digital Insights data, A

In November 23rd, the United States ushered in the black five shopping season. The so-called black five refers to the fourth Friday of November, traditionally the first day of Christmas shopping in the United states. According to Reuters in November 26th,

Reading: as a representative of American Catholic schools, University of Notre Dame has a strong religious flavor. Each entering the Virgin Mary students will be required to two religious courses, one of which is Theological Introduction, basic Bible, the

China's largest pig companies and new entrants are racing to build large, modern pig farms in the northeast, where they used to be corn growing areas. This will not only further expand China's pork market, but also reverse the flow of traditional meat and

Dear, Taobao is new again. Three large ash machines, spot! This has attracted the attention of foreign media. CNN (CNN) reported on November 22nd, 3 Boeing 747 cargo aircraft on Monday online auction, two of them by the Chinese logistics company SF fast -

Lead: 2017~2018 annual increase in tuition in American universities from the bitter party every day students Tucao crazy soaring tuition fees, students, your money bag ready? According to the data from US News, the top 100 are ZAKER, personalized recommen

Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 24th morning news, market research firm Adobe (182.9, -1.25, -0.68%) Analytics report released on Wednesday showed that the total consumption of American consumers online this month has reached ZAKER, personal

Just now, Trump has three tweets: these three Americans have to thank the Chinese leaders. No. 1: do you think the three University of California at Los Angeles basketball players want to thank President Trump? (UCLA) They face 10 years in prison! The sec

The day before, a American girl when the mayor in Guizhou a short video of the fire, the girl in the video talk, more surprisingly, she speaks Mandarin, tongue twisters also slipped than many Chinese. ^ "rotating mayor" in china. I figure for this girl wh

U.S. President Trump (information map) overseas network November 17, the U.S. Department of defense official twitter account issued a 16 call for president Trump to step down tweets, but released after the rapid deletion of text. According to the "world d

According to the American group Sina micro-blog morning news, for the Japanese APA hotel chain in the guest room to put right-wing books practice, the United States group travel in micro-blog said: this greatly hurt the feelings of Chinese tourists, but a

Recently, rifle manufacturer JMac Customs company and parts manufacturer M13 Industries company jointly launched a new series of AK firearms - OSC-13. This is a Kalashnikov gun made in the United States, after the advanced computer aided - ZAKER, personal

In the Second World War, the United States signed a far-reaching lease act in 1941 to support the anti fascist struggle of the allies. A total of $50 billion 100 million (equivalent to today's $667 billion), $worth of goods arrived in the allies, which wo

Trump luxury political group China margin at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Trump arrived in Beijing on the afternoon of November 8th, began a state visit to Chinese. This is Trump's first visit to China since he became president of the

Local time 5 days, Texas, Sutherland springs a church shootings, killing 26 people, the Gunners have died. Foreign media said the gunman Devine Kelly (Devin Kelley) in the process of committing the crime in the last three shots at gunpoint, ZAKER, persona

Reading: as one of the American universities with high popularity in China, the impression of UIUC is that the corn University, the Chinese people are huge, and the school is the lowest. But ridicule, ridicule, people's engineering is really strong, do no

Speaking of UIUC (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), it can be said that the domestic reputation is very, very high in an American university. Generally speaking, the impression of UIUC is that the corn University, the Chinese people are huge, and

History is the laboratory of human beings as well as the database of human civilization. Reading history can not only gain knowledge, but also inspire wisdom and inspire courage. The history of reading for millions of primary school students, reading hist

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