Local time on April 3, 2017, the U.S. state of California, the wild geese fly across the sky. Photographer Jassen Todorov captured Sacramento San Hua Golden Triangle delta 1000 feet high in the air, turned to snow geese migrating subduction goose ZAKER, p

Albert recently, U.S. Immigration Bureau of the family immigration application form I-130 important process was updated version of the original form from 2 pages to 12 pages, the need to fill in the content is very detailed. The new rule began in April 28

According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on June 16th, the New Jersey man Mike Sanchez in the kitchen operation desk photographed a stunning scene: an ant is another ant violently to the edge of the table, will immediately fall into the abyss. Repor

The United States is going to conquer the sun, and this plan sounds so fearless. The latest news from NASA presented show that aircraft solar probe plus the history of the strongest will launch the next summer, the sun directly flew into the outer atmosph

Reported that the official promotion of marriage is the background, the government is determined to increase the population. After 30 years of one-child policy, China introduced the two child policy in 2015. Nevertheless, more and more Chinese adults choo

Dongfeng 5B is our ultimate kill the most powerful, and DF41 mobile models compared with larger size, range and load is greater, silos use only, CCTV recently debuted the Dongfeng 5B multi warhead intercontinental missile launch screen. Dongfeng 5B can ca

The customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) sends out money sniffing dogs every year to catch extra cash travelers. (the "World Journal" /CBP) China overseas network on 13 May, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the day before a Chinese w

The customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) sends out money sniffing dogs every year to catch extra cash travelers. (the "World Journal" /CBP) China overseas network on 13 May, according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the day before a Chinese w

Data figure: aircraft structural map [US] Chashi global network reporter reports according to the U.S. "foreign policy" in May 11th, US President Trump was very angry, because the U.S. Navy no more use of steam power. When he proposed to demolish the elec

The following iPhone 7 price of 31 thousand, but there will still be people to buy, but is in short supply, because a lot of rich people on their privacy is very important. The biggest feature of the iPhone 7 is that it will not be tapped, and the transfo

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying original title: December 19, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference invitation of the government of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, State Councilor Yang J

Core tip: reported that China's multinational aviation market Raiders, the most powerful weapon is the price. United Airlines way Hongkong New York - Bangkok round-trip air tickets for $714.8, while China Eastern Airlines route Shanghai, New York - Bangko

Introduction: good will from time to time to see a change in the role of people, but for 3 consecutive years have no clearance "radiation 2", how the last month of this year I also mean. Just never retarded to topple the enclave, said that when the wheel

According to some economists, after Trump was elected president of the United States market prices may accelerate the rise. (Economics Capital) real estate economist Pointon Matthew pointed out that Trump during the campaign was almost not mentioned - - Z

Although iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the third quarter of the last two weeks before the market, but they have accounted for third of Apple's U.S. iPhone sales in the 43% quarter. Plus iPhone7 Phoenix Technology News Beijing time October 22nd - ZAKER, personali

Beijing time on August 20th, the U.S. men's basketball team in the semi-final victory over Spain team finals 82-76. In this game, both teams played very anxious, USA Basketball fresh

In many people's eyes, this girl is a wonder. She is Liu Nanqian, 25 years old, high school in the United States cheer captain, miss Oakland pageant winner"

September 20, 2016 - 28 day, the Great Wall will G-Trip the United States will take you into the "superpower", visit the local well-known Internet companies, to experience American culture, feel the pioneer of intelligent style, show an extreme "American

In the evening of 11 August 6th, there was a big event! Of course, I'm not saying the Olympic Games! Quick look at the video! Great things are in there. Where is the origin of Silicon Valley? Not Apple

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