The 23rd round of the CBA ushered in the New Year's War. The Guangdong team swept the Shenzhen team 132-104 at home to take 6 consecutive victories. Yi Jianlian, who is one year old, is not old-fashioned on the field, and even feels more and more young. The whole game, only one brother played 8 of 12 shots in 24 minutes

Obviously I bought a plane ticket and finally sent myself to my destination. This is an incredible thing. Netizen Shi recently met in the United States! !! !! Airplanes become buses How did this happen? Netizen Ms. Shi broke the news that she and her friend purchased through Air China

Event notice: to become the capital of the two partners to visit Silicon Valley, to give us a talk about the mobile Internet 2 era - the Chinese model exports to the world. Let us wait and see, what kind of new ideas and new content will they pass on to u

During the Shanghai International Film Festival, organized by the upward film group and fashion group to fashion night held in Shanghai. 2016-2017, directed by South Korean director Guo Zairong, featuring the World tyrants sing soft science fiction movie

Crystal Palace VS Manchester United 5.2200:30 Crystal Palace aspect 1: Crystal Palace cut into the Crystal Palace is the has eliminated Southampton, Storck

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