I want to drive to work in the future, but I can still sleep on the road...... Write a draft chant.

Uber unmanned taxi yesterday began carrying passengers on the road in San Francisco. On the same day, the driver took a taxi through the driving recorder Uber taxi ran a red light." We don't know what Uber is saying about human error, because we can't kno

Titanium media note: the world's first civilian price of the unmanned system, we put it's team to come to China to chat.

Tencent digital news (Liu Sha) although the science fiction movie flying car has been very common, but the reality of the situation on the road has not changed too much. Tesla car owners recently used the case of a car accident to remind people, the techn

So many manufacturers want to do unmanned, on the unmanned vehicle, how much do you know?

April 16th 17, Changan unmanned vehicles arrived in Beijing. In the total trip of nearly 2000 km long distance real road test, Changan driverless cars withstand long curved bridge tunnel terrain, hilly areas and plain areas of various complex road test, t

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