A roar of Liverpool defeated Everton 5-2, a shot of Van Dyck defensively spread on the Internet after the game, the Dutch central defender roared, and the opponent's striker lost a single shot. The camera shows that Everton striker Kean gets a single-handed opportunity, Van Dijk is too late to catch up, watching Kean make up

Van Dyke teased C Ronaldo before the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, the information about who can win the prize has been leaked, Messi has no doubt about the trophy. Van Dyke and Ronaldo are Messi's competitors. The Dutch attended the awards ceremony, but Ronaldo was absent from the Serie A best player awards ceremony, which is worth mentioning.

Tiger flutter December 2 The Golden Globe Awards will be announced this Monday. Liverpool defender Van Dyke talked about the Golden Globe Awards in an interview a few days ago. Van Dyke said: Wait and see, there is a reason I can go to the award ceremony, and there will be no losers tomorrow night. I am proud to be a candidate, and proud to come up with

How strong this pair of central defenders is for Gary Neville and Carragher's best team in the past ten years. Chelsea's former captain Terry disagrees. He thinks he and Leo Ferdinand are stronger. Neville and Carragher vote for Premier League best of 2010-2019

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