NetEase December 21st entertainment reported recently, in a chat show, actor Wallace Huo talked about the new drama, in the last 9 months after the shooting he bluntly already people play regardless. Let the impression is a comfort with Xun Zhou in the Qi

Recently, when Lin Chiling attended the event, and Jerry Yan was asked about the compound problem, she begged you to give them time and space, just bluntly related stages, but still can not guarantee each other will go back in the same way: I was a little

Last night Lu Yu Wallace Huo interview video out, this has always been the quiet old cadres was generous in the interview, talked about his wife Ruby Lin, and his newborn daughter, also clarified a lot of false rumors outside. Talking about the details of

Wallace Huo Ruby Lin entertainment NetEase reported in December 13th the day before, Wallace Huo in a variety show for the first time in talking with Ruby Lin announced romance, said with you announced my good news what is natural. Wallace Huo also said t

Recently, Wallace Huo is a guest of "Lu Yu big cafe one day". He said in the show that two years ago the burst of red made him very terrified. Wallace Huo even said he didn't dare to go out for a while, but he quickly adjusted his mindset. I didn't do any

Beijing, Wallace Huo at the airport, brother Hua day wearing a camouflage down jacket is very eye-catching, hat wearing masks a rushed to the parking lot, for fans to pick on, still scurrying down the elevator to be pushed to the edge of their pockets. Wa

Such as "Yi Zhuan" starring Xun Zhou, Wallace Huo exposed the single official version of the poster. The poster of the two starring beautiful costumes aura. media information authority

13, some netizens drying out Ruby Lin, wearing a red short sleeved T-shirt, black sports pants, wearing a hat, happy walk home, while Wallace Huo riding a bike ride. - ZAKER, personalized recommendations, popular news, local authoritative media informatio

In September 10th, Ruby Lin and his wife Wallace Huo, at the Beijing airport, two people wearing T-shirt dress is simple, find someone to shoot, upright boy Wallace Huo finger lens protection wife. - ZAKER, personalized recommendations, popular news, loca

NetEase reported on September 1st from the horizon Simei entertainment popular network, Wallace Huo, Zhong Hanliang, Yan Yikuan, Qiao Zhenyu was white long Xu Changqing, mysterious jade pure evildoer harmless, dignified face Xiuluo pity towards Prince Li

Song Seung and Liu Yifei had in the "third love" kissing, see more affectionate, it is the kiss more intense, more kiss Yuan Shanshan and Luo Jin had more impulse in "beauty of manufacturing" kiss, but Luo Jin Yuan Shanshan is not a strapless, strapless,

Written: Beijing News reporter Zhou Huixiao Wan figure photography Beijing News reporter Guo Yanbing: New Media Editor: Wu Dongni [] reporter notes each issue placed in front of Wallace Huo, he habitually think of, but will not hesitate to answer very qui

The visual Chinese news Shenzhen, recently, Wallace Huo appeared in the Shenzhen Baoan Airport, the black cover face he received more than black people escorting forward, full gas field. Wallace Huo was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, wearing sunglasses and

Recently, Huang Xiaoming, angelababy, Wallace Huo, Yang Mi, Chen Xuedong, Zhang Dada and other star was photographed in the KTV party, all night parties sang hi dispersed, an anti Wallace Huo old cadre style, turned the chatter. The day before, the couple

A photo of Ruby Lin today on ins and made a few of her mother, two sisters were all praise like ah! Photo in Ruby Lin is beside her mother-in-law, Wallace Huo's mother, wearing two twist braids, wearing a lovely retro hat, fashionable dress looked very yo

Understand miss, open eight, I am the most understand entertainment female children's shoes! Yesterday, the new Laguna media IPO pre disclosure reporting materials, many star paycheck was exposed, more worthy of attention, is probably play "such as Wallac

(Yang Mi and Wallace Huo) recently, Yang Mi and Wallace Huo together for the new movie run roadshow, boast to star in another actor Liu Chang's legs, Yang Mi immediately answer, put the question to Wallace Huo, asked the Chinese brother long legs? The Wal

As the saying goes, an actor who can not cry is not enough to talk about acting. Actor actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor! Chinese acting Vol.3: silent tears, Huang Bo, Wallace Huo, Zhang Ruoyun, Yang Yang, Zhang Yishan,

Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on May 31st, TV drama "my boy" is Ruby Lin's first post comeback works, not only as the female protagonist, and producer, held 31 press conference, she appeared in

Visual china news, Beijing, May 30th, the movie "reverse rescue" three Yang Mi, PK, Wallace Huo theme conference. The scene has three Yang Mi let Wallace Huo distinguish true and false, Wallace Huo intentionally guess wrong, but also boast around false Ya

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