(Compilation / Observer Network Tong Li) As the situation in the United States and Iran escalated, Americans became more and more panic. On the 4th, demonstrators also took to the streets of American cities such as Washington, condemning President Trump for issuing orders against Iraq.

The official Weibo of the U.S. Embassy in China issued three Weibo posts today stating that Secretary of State Michael R & amp; bump; Pompeo spoke to Yang Jiechi, member of the Political Bureau of China, in his office in Washington, D.C. Secretary of State talks about President Trump's defensive threat to U.S. life threats

[Text / Observer Network Li Tianyu] After the air raid on Baghdad airport in Iraq and the killing of the senior Iranian military general, Major General Suleimani, the US capital, Washington, D.C., entered a state of alert. According to a report by the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) on January 4, Murray, Mayor of Washington, DC

U.S. U.S. aircraft launched an air strike on Iraq's Baghdad International Airport in the early morning of the 3rd. After the death of many people, including the Iranian special forces commander Qassim Suleimani, all US cities have strengthened their vigilance. The US capital, Washington, is on alert. Washington mayor reminds public

In the early hours of Friday local time, the U.S. military used a drone attack to kill the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ’s Holy City Brigade de facto leader Suleimani and Iraq ’s Shiite militia armed people ’s mobilization commander Mohandis. This action strongly shaken the situation in the Middle East, and Iran's supreme leader Khamenei vowed

Morant stays first on January 3, Beijing time. The NBA's official website updated the rookie list, and the Grizzlies' No. 1 spot-Morant continued to lead. 1. Jia-Morant (Grizzly) ranking last week: 1 Although Morant's score has declined, the Grizzlies have performed well recently, far from the west

2019 is coming to an end The last month of the 10s is about to pass. We are about to greet another year of 2020. Which country is the first to welcome 2020? This question is actually equivalent to which country entered the new day first? I have to talk about time zones and

[Global Network Reporter Wang Boyaqi] They believe that the Internet should only serve their own interests. According to Russia today (RT) revealed on the 28th, the United Nations recently passed a draft resolution previously submitted by Russia aimed at combating cybercrime.

The US media said that on December 22, the People's Liberation Army test-fired another Giant Wave 3 submarine-launched ICBM in the Bohai Sea. This is China's fourth test firing of a submarine-launched intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile with a range of 10,000 kilometers in two years. On December 22, Beijing witnessed colorful clouds

[Observer Network / Wu Shouzhe] Klaus Haussmann, the head of the construction department at Beixi 2 plans to retire after five months. This time, I didn't talk about it. He put down the coffee cup in his hand and said slowly. This is his third time Zheng

[Observer Network / Wu Shouzhe] Klaus Haussmann, the head of the construction department at Beixi 2 plans to retire after five months. This time, I didn't talk about it. He put down the coffee cup in his hand and said slowly. This is his third time Zheng

President Trump signed the new year's National Defense Authorization Act on the 20th. The bill includes a number of contents involving Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang. He also named Huawei once again and continued to show a presumptuous attitude of interfering in China's internal affairs. It is also worth noting that the bill also requires sanctions to participate in the connection between...

[Global Network Reporter Wen Jiayue] The sea water in winter is getting colder every day, and for lazy sea lions, hitchhiking is probably a tempting thing. According to the British "Daily Mail" report on the 19th, recently, two giant sea lions were requisitioned in Puget Sound, Washington, USA

[Global Network Reporter Wang Boyaqi] (If) a big country wants to achieve hegemony in today's world, it is impossible. Former Soviet leader Gorbachev said in an interview on the 17th that the United States wants to seek unilateral military advantage by withdrawing from the "Guide to the Treaty," but this

According to reports, a US company will open the world's first human remains composting site in 2021. Video screenshot The remains and sawdust will be decomposed or composted into soil within 30 days, using only one-eighth the energy of cremation. According to the company's CEO, this will not only repay the planet, but also rebuild people and

The United States is the most powerful country in the world today, and at the same time it has become the number one destroyer of the existing order, which is the misfortune of the 21st century. The appeals body of the WTO dispute settlement mechanism will be paralyzed on Tuesday due to strong US obstruction. The agency originally had seven judges, but in 2018

The storm in Hong Kong's revisions has not yet been resolved. Today Russia (RT) released a video program "Uncovering the Mask of Hong Kong" on Chinese social media on the 7th. Silhouette of Washington. ▲ Russia (RT) released video today

Russian News Network (RT) today released a video program Overseas Network December 8th. Hong Kong's regulations have not yet been resolved. Today Russian News Network (RT) released a video program on July 7 Behind the scenes and uncovered

[Text / Observer Network Xu Lei] Washington Trump still shot against tropical Trump. On December 2, Trump suddenly announced on Twitter that the national currencies of Brazil and Argentina had been depreciating on a large scale. This is not good for our farmers. So I will restore all of them

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation, at approximately 9 am local time on the 26th, the White House and Capitol Hill were temporarily blocked due to the suspected invasion of airspace in Washington, the capital of the United States, and all personnel were evacuated from the White House's northern lawn. The block will be lifted after about 20 minutes. (White House data map, picture

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