Hello everyone, here is the game of surprise, I said that I am scared younger brother! In the game circle, there is a kind of persistent insistence! There are a group of players, they, regardless of other people's eyes, whether the game is not cool, only play a game every day, only play a profession, a role! Focus on one point, repeat several actions every day, repeatedly tapping, most

In 2017, Blizzard filed a lawsuit against 4399's page tour "The Shootout Frontline" and the mobile game "Heroes Shootout" because the two games infringed on the "watching pioneer" and the unfair competition When the time passed two years later, the lawsuit finally got results.

In view of the fact that the other party's plagiarism constitutes copyright infringement and unfair competition, the online game "Watching Pioneer" also appealed to the mobile phone mobile game "Heroes Shootout" and the web game "The Frontline of Shooting" to the Shanghai Pudong New Area People's Court. This morning, the Pudong court made a first-instance judgment on the two cases, the first

Today, "Watching Pioneer" officially released a new short story "Women", the protagonist of this time is Angel - Angela Ziegler. In the brand new watch pioneer short story, "Women," the angel will face his past and try to figure out whether to go back and continue to fight.

"Watching Pioneer" has opened the Angel's return to the big challenge. Before December 3rd, log in to the game to complete the challenge and unlock the legendary skin of Dr. Ziegler with limited paint, avatars and angels. Yesterday, "Watching Pioneer" released a short story about "Angel"

VG chat room has been logged in to the major FM platforms, this program link: Himalayan FM | Lychee | Listening companion | B station | Netease cloud music | QQ music | song list video: Audio: "Diablo 4" and "watch pioneer 2 Announced that Kojima Studio will make a movie in the future, Yoshida

In the interview with foreign media VG247, Jeff Kaplan, the game director of Watching Pioneer 2, talked about a question that everyone is very concerned about: Why can "Watching Pioneer 2" be called a sequel? He said that he is continuation of the concept of "Watching Pioneer 2" What will it look like going up?

At the earlier Blizzard Carnival 2019, "Watching Pioneer 2" was officially opened. Last night, the foreign media released a 15-minute PvE content real-life demonstration of the game, showing the new characters such as the growth of the watchkeeper 2 and the boss battle. Video address source: G

According to foreign media reports, in addition to the new heroes Sojourn and Echo shown in Blizzard Carnival 2019, Blizzard will also develop four new heroes for Watchman 2. Former watch pioneer director Jeff Kaplan and his team have confirmed that including So

"Watching Pioneer 2" was officially announced at this year's Blizzard Carnival, and it was clear that the content of the first generation of "Watching Pioneer" will be integrated into the 2nd generation, players can retain the existing skin, avatar, spray paint, expressions, achievements and so on. In the interview, producer Jeff Kaplan said

This year's Blizzard Carnival is just around the corner, and the various news about the contents of this exhibition are also endless. In this, the existence of "Watching Pioneer 2" has been confirmed by several people. Last year’s new hero, Aish’s anchor, Metro, vowed to say that there will definitely be “watching this year”.

Good friends, friends, good evening, "Daily Bus Daily Travel" will summarize the hot game information for the players and friends. Let's take a look at the information in today's information circle during your break and off work. "Watching Pioneer 2" There are also new rumors, "Watching Pioneer" players will seamlessly transfer, although not yet officially

As some unpublished game projects have been shackled, Blizzard has confirmed that three senior R&D personnel will leave. Blizzard will redistribute human resources and help the Diablo 4 and Watch Pioneer 2. According to foreign media Kotaku, the producer of "The Hero of the Storm" and "Star Battle

[17173 News report, please indicate the source] With the approach of the Blizzard Carnival in 2019, more and more rumors are beginning to point to "Watching Pioneer 2" which is very likely to appear this year. The first is the news from ESPN, according to the secret documents they obtained, violent

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